Holy Lands Movie Trailer

Holy Lands MovieThere’s a first official international trailer for Holy Lands, the upcoming drama comedy movie written and directed by Amanda Sthers and starring James Caan, Tom Hollander, Rosanna Arquette, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Efrat Dor:

Plot synopsis;
“The film follows Harry Rosenmerck (James Caan), a Jewish-American cardiologist who left everything behind to become a pig farmer in Israel, including his estranged son David (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a successful gay playwright, his daughter Annabelle (Dor), who’s still studying at age 30, and their mother (Rosanna Arquette), his ex-wife who decides to revisit their love story after finding out she is terminally ill. Harry is faced to deal with life and face its outcome head-on with the former “enemy” of his farm: rabbi Moshe Cattan (Tom Hollander).”

Does raising pigs in the holy lands make them kosher? lol!

anyway, there’s also a film poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Holy Lands Movie Poster

The film has yet to get an official US release date, but it will hit French theaters on January 9, 2019.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Holy Lands.

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