Horse Boy Movie Trailer

The Horse Boy Film DocumentaryThe Horse Boy is a movie about a very touching and inspiring story. The documentary follows a family’s struggle to improve their autistic son’s life.

You may watch below the movie traile rof the Horse Boy:

“The Horse Boy is a film about one family’s struggle to find answers to their son’s autism. Shot over the course of two years, this film follows the Isaacson family as they journey on horseback across Mongolia from healer to healer, and the amazing healings they found for their son Rowan, and for themselves. An inspiration to think outside the box, a travel adventure, an insight into shamanic traditions, the autistic mind, and man’s relationship with animals; at its heart, The Horse Boy is a film about a family that went to the ends of the earth to find a way into their son’s life.”

A few words from Rupert Isaacson, Rowan’s father, about the result of this trip across the Mongolian prairie on horseback:

“Rowan was not cured of autism out there. The word ‘cure’ is not in my vocabulary for this. Rowan came back without three key dysfunctions that he had. He went out to Mongolia incontinent and still suffering from these neurological firestorms — so tantruming all the time and cut off from his peers, unable to make friends — and he came back with those three dysfunctions having gone.”

Rupert Isaacson

I wish the best to this family and hope that Rowan’s life will continue to improve.

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The Horse Boy movie will be released in theaters in September 2009 (click here for venues and playdates).

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