Hotel Transylvania Transformania Trailer

Hotel Transylvania Transformania Film Hotel Transylvania 4There’s a new full-length movie trailer for Hotel Transylvania 4 aka Hotel Transylvania Transformania, the upcoming CG animated movie sequel directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon, watch it below:

Plot synopsis:
“When Van Helsing’s mysterious invention, the ‘Monsterfication Ray’, goes haywire, Drac and his monster pals are all transformed into humans, and Johnny becomes a monster! In their new mismatched bodies, Drac, stripped of his powers, and an exuberant Johnny, loving life as a monster, must team up and race across the globe to find a cure before it’s too late, and before they drive each other crazy. With help from Mavis and the hilariously human Drac Pack, the heat is on to find a way to switch themselves back before their transformations become permanent.”

The voice cast includes:
– Brian Hull as Count “Drac” Dracula, the founder of Hotel Transylvania and Mavis’ father, Johnny’s father-in-law, Vlad’s son, and Dennis’ maternal grandfather. He was originally voiced by Adam Sandler in the first three films.
– Andy Samberg as Johnathan “Johnny” Loughran, Mavis’ husband, Dracula’s son-in-law, and Dennis’ father.
– Selena Gomez as Mavis Dracula, Johnny’s wife, Dracula’s daughter and Dennis’ mother.
– Asher Blinkoff as Dennis, the son of Johnny and Mavis, and Dracula’s grandson.
– Brad Abrell as Frankenstein, Eunice’s husband. He was originally voiced by Kevin James in the first three films.
– Fran Drescher as Eunice, Frankenstein’s wife.
– Kathryn Hahn as Ericka Van Helsing, Dracula’s wife and the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing.
– Jim Gaffigan as Professor Abraham Van Helsing, a former monster hunter and Ericka’s great-grandfather who invented the “Monsterfication Ray”.
– Steve Buscemi as Wayne, a werewolf and Wanda’s husband.
– Molly Shannon as Wanda, a werewolf and Wayne’s wife.
– Keegan-Michael Key as Murray, an ancient mummy.
– David Spade as Griffin, an invisible man.

So, are you ready for the final installment in the Hotel Transylvania movie franchise?

Release date: January 14, 2022 (in theaters).

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