How It Ends Movie – Theo James

A first official look at Actor Theo James in How It Ends, the upcoming thriller movie directed by David M. Rosenthal:

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Theo James - How It Ends Movie

Plot synopsis:
β€œIn the midst of an apocalypse, a man (Theo James) travels thousands of miles with his disapproving, ex-military father-in-law (Forest Whitaker) to reach his pregnant wife (Kat Graham).”

Well, he does look like a shower…

No official release date yet.

2 Responses - “How It Ends Movie – Theo James”

  1. amo

    I could cry of joy. Kat is like my all time fav character on TV and then my f***in celebrity crush, Theo. Holy shit this is gold. Plus they’re acting roles are a couple! *** ahhhhh can’t wait.

  2. annie Scott

    I can’t wait to own this movie. From the trailer. It looks like a fantastic movie. Theo James is absolute fantastic actor. The last movie he made was beyond reproach. He played a wonderful and true character. I love true movies. Please do not stop making movies, Mr. James. I enjoy what I did see in the trailer. I want to see the whole movie, now. So I waiting on the bluray to come out here in the States.

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