Humor Me Movie

A poster for Humor Me, the upcoming comedy movie written and directed by Sam Hoffman and starring Jemaine Clement, Elliott Gould, Ingrid Michaelson, Maria Dizzia, Priscilla Lopez, Joey Slotnick, Willie C. Carpenter, Le Clanché du Rand, Rosemary Prinz, Annie Potts, Erich Bergen, Bebe Neuwirth, Cade Lappin, Ray Iannicelli, and Mike Hodge:

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Humor Me Movie Poster

Laugh. It’s just life.

Plot synopsis:
“Nate (Jemaine Clement), in crisis and suffering from writer’s block, is forced to move into his father (Elliott Gould )’s retirement community.”

And here’s a picture from the film:

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Humor Me Movie

The release date of the movie Humor Me is set to January 12, 2018.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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