Hungry Rabbit Jumps Movie

Nicolas Cage got the lead role in Hungry Rabbit Jumps, an upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Roger Donaldson (who once brought us the Bank Job) . The film is based on a script by Robert Tannen. Besides Nicolas Cage, the cast also includes January Jones, Guy Pearce, Harold Perrineau, and Jennifer Carpenter.

Hungry Rabbit Jumps Trailer

Here’s a first look at Nicolas Cage and January Jones as husband and wife in the movie Hungry Rabbit Jumps:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Nicolas Cage - Hungry Rabbit Jumps Movie

“The story takes place in New Orleans and follows a man (Nicolas Cage) desperate for vengeance after his wife (January Jones) is the victim of a brutal crime. In his effort to achieve retribution, he gets tangled up with an underground vigilante group.”

Hungry Rabbit Jumps could be a great movie if Nicolas Cage can manage to deliver the same kind of performance as in Bad Lieutenant.

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