Ian McKellen The Hobbit Movie

The Hobbit MovieSome may have thought that MGM’s financial woes would postpone the production of the live-action Hobbit movie. But looks like Director Guillermo del Toro is determined to carry out his project: Actor Ian McKellen who played the role of Gandalf in the Lord of the Ring movie series confirmed indeed on his official site that the Hobbit movie would start shooting in July 2010:

The Hobbit Movie

“THE HOBBIT’s, two films, start shooting in New Zealand in July. Filming will take over a year. Casting in Los Angeles, New York City and London has started. The script too proceeds. The first draft is crammed with old and new friends, again on a quest in Middle Earth.
The director Guillermo del Toro is now living in Wellington, close to the Jacksons’ and the studio in Miramar.”

Actor Ian McKellen

Such great news make my day! The sooner they start to work on the Hobbit the better! I’m confident that it will be as amazing as LOTR!

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