Ice Age 3 Mini Mammoth

A cute preview clip of Ice Age 3, aka Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, has shown up online:

Ice Age 3 Movie

The Ice Age gang meeting Manny and Ellie’s new mini-mammoth.

Heard Google hired a few goats to clean their campus: they should recreate a few mini mammoths instead!

3 Responses - “Ice Age 3 Mini Mammoth”

  1. disha

    Oh my God!! The video is so cute!! Cant wait for Ice age 3 to release.

  2. iszaham

    what a cute “Mini Mammoth”. Manny has a baby. Can’t wait to watch the movie.

  3. Ice Age 3 Online

    Ice Age 3 is cool movie! I think it is the best among all 3 movies.