Ice Age 4 Movie

A tipster contacted AICN and told them that a fourth Ice Age movie is being planned! Here’s the most interesting part:

Ice Age IV Movie

“Even though Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs hasn’t even hit theaters yet, it seems a fourth Ice Age film has been well underway or the past few months. A friend of mine says the 4th installment sees Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie and Scrat frozen solid and accidentally defrosted in a museum in present day.

At this stage the film is being called ‘Ice Age Th4w’.”


I’d love this see this plot carried out! And I like the pun in the title Ice Age Thaw: our Ice Age friends will indeed be defrosted.
This plot would sound as a closure for the Ice Age movie series though…

I wonder: would Scrat the squirrel go nuts for chocolate? I know I do!

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  1. Douglas Varney

    I guess the thing is with a mega franchise, they don’t know when to quit. I am frankly annoyed about the upcoming Ice Age film. The first one was quite clever but it didn’t even merit a sequel. This third installment will only takes up theatre space, waste everybody’s time and believe me, does anyone still find that squirrel-acorn joke funny?

    But what do you think? Are you looking forward to the third Ice Age? Is four just going too far?

  2. Kelly

    What happens to Manny and Peaches? Elly completes them!

  3. MattMan

    i’ve seen the 3rd ice age film yesterday and it was really really funny! why are people giving this film such bad remarks. go and see it, it is really funny! i’m 21 yrs old and think its great… :p go see it!

  4. Balwan

    Well I work in a cinema and I can say that every new franchise makes people so happy that they go there and see everything, it’s all about the first movie, then the sequels don’t even matter, it’s just pure business :)

  5. Daniel

    douglas just shut up and dont say crap about ice age movies all the movies made so far were great and amazing…u talk about theater space nobody is asking you to go and waste a seat when somebody else can watch it in your place.

  6. Dona Battisfore-Krebs

    Ice Age has been a delight thus far. Cute, touching and funny. One of the few movies that any audience can appreciate without being assaulted by bad language and nasty content.

  7. joel

    i saw the 3rd one yesterday it was very good like all the others i dint think they should make the forth in present day but still looking forward to the 4th one

  8. Nao

    I still find the acron joke really funny! I cant wait for the 4th movie

  9. André F. G. Gabriel


  10. iceage123

    AICN said that the movie will be in a completely different setting. Manny, Diego, Sid, and Scrat (idk about Ellie, Peaches, or Scratte) will be frozen in a museum today. I guess somehing will cause the ice to melt, which leaves them trapped in the time period.

  11. Iceage4 Here we come

    I would love to see ice age 4, and i believe they should even make Ice Age 5 and Ice Age 6, in future time.

  12. AndyRoo

    Seriously Ive already seen the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs twice in theatres in 3D. I LOVE the Ice Age Franchise and never grow tired of the jokes that are made in them. I seriously hope they keep going!! I would love to see more of the action from these guys! Peaches was just soooooo cute!

    Most franchises keep plugging through merely flying on the name alone, but this one actually has content to back it up! Shrek is the perfect example of a Franchise I believe has run its course. The fourth one is slatted for release next year with a Puss and Boots movie to follow. Im not saying I won’t watch them but they won’t get me into theatres. Ice Age has been good clean family fun through its entire run and I can’t wait to see them all again! :D

    Ive already made plans to watch the first two with some friends, and then we’re all going to go see number three!

    Btw, its not like I’m some lil kid either lol I’m 26 years old and I LOVE these movies!

  13. Sheesh Kebab

    A FOURTH ONE? A FOURTH ONE?! I mean I saw the third one the day it came out, actually it was great the fact that scrat when back to his acorn was a bit disappointing, Scrat and Scratette were so cute together. Anyway, back to the point, a FOURTH ONE?! I personally think they’re just being greedy now. I mean it’s ICE AGE not present day it was one of a few films with a prehistoric setting and I liked that but I’m just not keen on the whole present day idea, PLUS what happened to Peaches?

  14. Joana

    I finally had time to go see Ice Age 3, and just love it as I loved all the others. For me there could 4, 5 6 , 7 as many as they like. They are brilliantly funny and cute. And everybody i know love this movies aswell.
    Someone found it important so i might add that i am 26 years old.

  15. Valerie

    There’s a fourth? YES!!! But I didn’t see Crash, Eddie, Peaches, or more importantly, Buck in the character listing! What happened to them?

  16. Mud

    Blue Sky should make a movie with Disney and Dreamworks: Ice Age+Madagascar+Lion King.

    (I put that Idea on IA’s wall -on facebook… It was removed!)

  17. Mollie

    What about Crash, Eddie and Peaches? Or maybe even Scratte and Buck? (I’m not really sure about Buck coming back though.) Shouldn’t they be with them? I would LOVE for a fourth Ice Age movie, but THIS?! That would be too soon for the Ice Age series to close! Why can’t this plot just be like in the 10th or 6th movie or something? I think that it would be better that way. I don’t want Ice Age to end way too soon! Especially not like this!

  18. Aleena

    I hope that Scratte is in it… Maybe not Buck because he is in the dinosaur world. >-< But lets hope that Diego, Crash and Eddie stay single because if they introduce females to them, then they will change. It is known for Possoms to fight over females and Crash and Eddie are very close and this would cause friction. Keep Ice age the same I say maybe a new Sabre tooth tiger male could show up and be Diegos friend. He would have to be younger through so he is faster and more silly acting.

  19. Buckwild

    Oh no! I really wanted Buck to be in it! :( I really hope he is, he was my absolute favorite!

  20. Mollie

    I agree with you Aleena. I really hope that Scratte is in it. And Buck. (Even though I highly doubt that he’ll return since he wanted to spend to the rest of his life fighting Rudy.) Diego, Crash and Eddie should probably stay single even though it would be kinda cute to see them in love. Diego has already changed a LOT from the first movie though. I kinda miss his old bad nature, and Manny’s attitude problem. XD I really want Scratte to be in it because I want Scrat and Scratte to get back and stay together forever SO badly! D: Hear me and others out Blue Sky! Bring Buck back and let him stay with the group! And bring Scratte back so that she and Scrat can stay together forever in their relationship, never break up, and let Scrat give up on that damn acorn that got in the way of their cuteness once and for ALL!!! Please Blue Sky Studios! We beg of you! Please bring these two characters back and let them stay forever! Please! D:

  21. iceage345

    i really want there to be a ice age 4 or maybe 5 and 6….i agree with daniel…why can’t douglas shut up?? don’t make such bad comments abt the movie…the characters are funny….i can’t understand why ppl made bad comments abt the movie…

    just hoping that there will be 4,5 and 6…

  22. Luke Gentle (Xenoyia)

    I love the Ice Age series. It got better and better. Ice Age 3 is my favourite – I’ve watched it 5 times already, going for 6 today. However, I do not like the plot of “Ice Age Th4w” and I think it will do terrible in cinemas. And douglas, it’s a squirrel-rat, Scrat. xD And after the 100th time of me watching all of it.. It’s still hilarious.

  23. Ethan

    maybe scrat and scratte are brother and sister that would be cool :) i hope there is an ice age 4

  24. com

    i hope Ice Age 4 is real

  25. bobpbobpobp

    are scrat & scratte brother & sister that wood be cool lol :)

  26. dave

    i don’t want this >.<
    i want diego to find love, not a night at the museum/madagascar crossover

  27. Mollie

    No, Scrat and Scratte are not brother and sister, they’re a couple. XD I want Diego to find love too. Same with Buck, Crash, Eddie, Peaches, and Sid. Scrat and Manny shouldn’t be the ONLY ones, right? XD

  28. Nathalie

    I am looking forward to the fourth sequel if there is going to be one! I love seeing the whole gang of them … Manny, Ellie, Peaches, Sid, Diego, Crash, Eddie and Buck. :D I also wish Diego and Sid could find someone of their own kind. Then again I wonder how they are going to do that if the fourth sequel is taking place in modern times when they get thawed out from the ice.

  29. ryan

    i think it would be good if peaches didnt get frozen until she is either 10, 16 or the same age as ellie and then she doesn’t believe manny and ellie are her parents until the middle of the movie

  30. JosieMaliny

    I had a dream about the forth Ice age movie after I heard a comment on deviantART. there is a possibility that Buck could come back. maybe he just wanted to VISIT the herd and got frozen with them. and idk, maybe scratte managed to get up there with here love for scrat and her jealousy that scrat might someday find another acorn. (because at some point in my dream they where fighting over a nut and where literally rolling down my street and screaming at each other in their little squirrel language) (0_0… weirdness…)

  31. Anonymous

    I liked the first one, the second one is pretty bad, and I have no desire to see the third one. I read that apparently, the mammoths have a baby. Now the series is dead. In every movie with the main character having a baby, the series ends. It’s done. However, the fourth one looks pretty good because it focuses mainly on the characters from the first movie with the exception of Ellie. I’m looking forward to the fourth movie, but after this they should really stop. It’s not like they can actually take the series any further, though. And I’m glad that the fourth one is unlikely to have a sequel! :P I just hope that they stop making Shrek movies. The third one closed the series, and to make two more movies is ridiculous.

  32. philip

    here i am again^^
    i want to thank john for the pic… i like it so much…
    i’m so excited about the upcoming ice age 4…
    does peaches grow up in the movie? and i have a
    guess about how it will end… maybe at the end, they will
    find a time machine in the museum that will take them back to their own age… hehe… well that’s only my guess…
    well one is for sure… i’ll wait for this movie…

  33. philip

    hello again… i just drop by to see if there is any update on the movie. is there any?

  34. jeremy

    I would look forward to another sequel but that (I’m sorry) Sounds like a really bad plot line

  35. Damon

    However, now I am hearing that Shrek 4: Forever After is actually the last Shrek film. Good riddance.

  36. Kathy Mac

    I was hoping Ice Age 4 would bring back the baby grown up and meet up with Manny and especially Peaches, Sid and Diego. That would have been a great story line. I even wrote them and asked them about doing that. I guess my hopes are in vain.

  37. Caylis

    If there’s a 4th movie, i’d love to see Buck again! i absolutely love him *-*

  38. Jake

    i watched ice age 4 and i loved it, i hope there will be a ice age 5 to, also i got happy cause the new character “shira” is main character now :D!