Ice Age 4

Ice Age 4 MovieIce Age 4
(aka Ice Age Th4w, Ice Age Thaw)
Directed by Carlos Saldanha
Starring Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo
Release Date: July 13, 2012

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8 Responses - “Ice Age 4”

  1. natlie

    No offense to Fans here but, I wasn’t expecting a fourth film of Ice Age. Ok sure i wished there was a third one after the second came out, but, now this is getting too much.

  2. Mud

    IC4 would own! Just keep Buck, I love him!

    For the thaw film, KEEP BUCK!

    I just love Buck, he’s so cute… and plushy!

  3. Mollie

    They should bring back and keep Scratte as well! She and Scrat are SO cute together! God I LOVE this couple SO much! ^^ :DDD


  4. Hufflepuffler

    I just read about the story line for Ice Age 4: The Th4w, and it seems kind of stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ice Age almost as much as Harry Potter, but it sounds like they’re getting rid of Crash and Eddy, the two best characters. And what about peaches? You can’t just pretend like the third movie didn’t happen!

  5. Mollie

    That IS true. They didn’t mention Peaches OR Crash and Eddie. And there was a deal about her being in the fourth movie, and there being a rumor with Scratte returning pregnent with Scrat’s baby. But I’m not REALLY sure if that’ll happen. But yes, they can’t just act like the third movie didn’t happen. They NEED to include Peaches in it since she just got born.


  6. Jasmine

    I’m up for an Ice Age 4. But I really want Buck to come back. I know he destroyed the bridge to the “Lost World”, but he’s small, he could find a small opening to the surfice, not to live, but the visit the others.

    Maybe they could have him visit the surfice, and join the other main characters on a brand new adventure. Of course, if the Th4W rumor turns out to be true, then, Buck really won’t be in it. He’d be dead.

  7. Allycat

    I’m up for a fourth movie (unlike the Shrek series the movies have stayed pretty much the same quality so I;m sure even a fourth movie would rock!) but they can’t just cut out Crash, Eddie, Peaches and BUCK (seriously, everyone loves Buck, they need to bring him back, I think the main reason I’d see the movie would be to watch him go barmy. Anyway, if the movies set in the present day, Buck and the possum brothers would have a field day exploring the new world right?)
    All that said, I think the fourth film would have to be it, otherwise it’s kind of stretching the plot a bit too much.

  8. Brodie

    I hope Buck is in the 4th movie, I really liked him.