Ice Age 5 Movie

Blue Sky Studios just announced that they’re planning a new Ice Age movie! Yep, get ready for Ice Age 5! The release date is officially set to July 15, 2016.

The first movie was about helping a human baby find his parents. The second Ice Age movie was about escaping from an imminent flood due to melting ice. The third film involved dinosaurs. And the recent fourth film was a spin on continental drift. Now what’s next for Sid, Diego, and Mannie? Will Scrat keep chasing his dear acorn? Unfortunately no plot synopsis has been revealed yet.

Have you any idea or suggestion regarding the plot of Ice Age 5? Share your thoughts below! If lucky someone from Blue Sky will drop by and read your suggestion.

Anyway, stay tuned for more details about the movie Ice Age 5!

2 Responses - “Ice Age 5 Movie”

  1. Spark

    The new movie could be about how they all live on the new island they show in Continental Drift. There could be a volcano eruption.

  2. codie

    The baby the saved in #1 should Come back. Either to kill them or have another adventure with them. Maybe bring back the other bad Saber tooth tigers.