Imaginarium Clip

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus MovieTwo new clips of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, a fantasy movie directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Heath ledger, are available, you may watch them below:

Doctor Parnassus Clip

Actually I’m already 16, sweet 16!

Can you put a price on your dreams?

“In the present day, immortal 1,000-year-old Doctor Parnassus (Christopher Plummer) leads a travelling theatre troupe that offers audience members a chance to go beyond reality through a magical mirror in his possession. Members of the troupe include a sleight of hand expert, Anton (Andrew Garfield), and a dwarf, Percy (Verne Troyer), Parnassus had been able to guide the imagination of others through a deal with the Devil (Waits), who now comes to collect on the arrangement, targeting the doctor’s daughter (Lily Cole). The troupe, which is joined by a mysterious outsider named Tony (portrayed by Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell), embark through parallel worlds to rescue the girl.”

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasuss will be a great movie to go watch on Christmas: the crazy plot of that movie will make the day even more special!

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