Incredible Hulk Alternate Opening With Captain America?

will it be Captain America vs Hulk in the next Avengers Movie?

Thanks to WorstPreviews we may have a look to the alternate opening of the Incredible Hulk that will on the DVD released at the end of this month.

Here below the Incredible Hulk alternate opening:

Incredible Hulk Alternate Opening

I’m striving to see Captain America, but so far no convincing proof for me… It is said that he -actually his shield- appears at 2:22 mark of this alternate opening of the Incredible Hulk.

Well, I’ll have faith until I can buy a DVD so I can make my mind. For now the screen cap of Captain America frozen in the ice will be enough:

Captain America is showing up, frozen in the ice, in the DVD of the Incredible Hulk!

More Easter eggs at: Captain America Crossover, Easter Eggs and Clues

Someone should hurry to deliver Captain America from the ice though: I’m worrying for his health!

Update: Captain America is indeed in this opening, at the 2:22 mark you may spot his shield in the bottom left corner, youtube user kingmanshh has a better version and made some captures:

Click on the picture to enlarge:
you’ll see Captain America under his shield, frozen in the ice!


6 Responses - “Incredible Hulk Alternate Opening With Captain America?”

  1. woo

    The shield is on the right side of the screen and can be seen in most of the shoot as a blur, but at 2:22 the star becomes more visible, as for cap’s body… well, I don’t see any of it.

    check it out here (click on the picture to enlarge):
    Captain America Shield in Hulk

  2. Teaser Trailer

    I think you’re right Woo. And great job by the way: thums up!

    But I’m still wondering where the other screen cap was taken: maybe this opening of the Incredible Hulk is not complete…

    Shall only know for sure with the official release of the Incredible Hulk DVD I suppose.

  3. Teaser Trailer

    Hey woo, looks like we were both focusing on the wrong side. :)

    It is easier to see with this new opening video around the 2:22 mark, in the bottom left corner, that’s Captain America:

    Check the post again to see the latest screen capture of Captain America: can even have a glmpse of his body below his shield!

  4. SkullMonkey1986

    OK, I have found Captain America in one of the pics posted above. I took a quick glimpse, and then saved the image and outlined where you can see him.

    Click on the picture to enlarge.

  5. woo

    hey you’re right I was all wrong! but heck! I think in full speed video both shields are equally damn hard to find! hahaha!
    Now I’m sure what I saw was merely a cluster of compression artifact…
    stupid youtube Res limits.

  6. Justin Laird

    you guys are so wrong. I’m looking at it on me 52″ HDTV on Blu-ray. It’s at 2:24 and on the bottom left corner. clear as day. (a clear day)