Incredible Hulk, Beauty and Foolhardy – New Clips

Bruce Banner is transforming into the Hulk.The promo frenzy for the Incredible Hulk has kicked into high gear with the release of many previews clips. The count is now up to five for the Incredible Hulk preview clips.

Here below the two latest previews:

Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk.
The beauty wants to save her beloved Bruce Banner who is transforming into the Hulk.

The foolhardy Blonsky keeps tickling the Incredible Hulk …

Really much more at: Incredible Hulk

Only some gay-and-sadist love can push Blonsky to take such risks to get close to the Hulk: he quite certainly has some interest in green monstruous men… I can’t explain otherwise! The problem is why does he choose them monstruous? Gay or green is ok. But having an affinity for monsters with anger management problems can be hazardous…

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