Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner Loves His Wife

Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) and Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) - Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), aka the Hulk, and his wife Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) are bound by a deep love. Both would would sacrifice for each other. But because the Hulk is the target on which focus the danger, he wants to protect his beloved wife at all cost like those new Incredible Hulk preview clips may show:

The Hulk protects Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) when attacked from the sky.

Come with me.
Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) and Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) reunite.

Think about This!
Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) tries to keep Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) from leaping into battle. Bruce Banner, aka the Huk, is indeed gonna jump from an helicopter!

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So much love between the Beauty and the green Beast: they are so cute together.

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