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The Incredibles 2 MovieThe first opus of the Incredibles was released in 2004. It was welcome by the public and it kind of became cult. Because of Pixar’s previous policy of spitting on sequels there was little hope for a movie sequel to the Incredibles. But since Pixar has been acquired by Disney, that policy has changed. And sequels are definitely part of Pixar’s new road map (like Cars 2, or Toy Story 3). Does it mean that Incredibles 2 will enter into production soon? Well, unfortunately, not really… There is still a certain way of working at Pixar, and for a sequel to be greenlit, it must have been more or less validated by the director of the original film… So if the movie Incredibles 2 hasn’t been released yet it’s most likely because Director Brad Bird (who helmed the first Incredibles film) isn’t ready to do it yet…

Incredibles 2 Trailer

Here’s what he said, back in 2007, about a potential Incredibles 2 movie:

“I love the world. I love the characters, and if I could come with a story that was as good or better than the original, I’d go there in a second. I have pieces of things that I would love to see in a sequel. But I haven’t got them all together yet. And I certainly wouldn’t want to come out there with something that is less than the original.”

Director Brad Bird

Maybe time that someone from Disney Pixar reminds him about Incredibles 2? Scores of fans are yearning for a sequel to the Incredibles!

Anyway, what plot would you suggest for the movie Incredibles 2?

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  1. Carlos

    on the topic of the children, they have to be older
    also make dash go so fast that he stops time
    or have violet turn invisible and CAN’T turn it off
    that is all

  2. chris

    Make the family get seperated, where Violet, Elastigirl, & Dash get captured by the underminer. S o, from there it will be a long, plodding, and trecherous journey for Mr. Incredible, and Jack Jack to save the day (with a little help from Frozo of course). Maybe a new good guy character could be introduced as a relative, or family friend. He could have incredible technical abilities, but not necessarily super abilities. He could be a gadget creator. So anyway Mr. Incredible does most of the work,but in the end Jack Jack is the real hero!

  3. Ryan Piper

    I think they should carry on from where they left off as it was left unfinished at the end.

  4. Justin Curtis Hodgdon

    I think in the movie The Incredibles 2 the new villan get revenge on the Incredibles for destroying his brother Buddy aka Syndrome but he fail and got send to jail at the end.Also Violet`s boyfriend (Tony Rydinger) some how get super powers, get a cool costume (no cape of course) and help save the day. Plus there could be a part where Jack Jack talk for the first time.The Underminer,Bomb Voyage, and the new villan team up.

    In the begining: the Incredibles fight and beat the Underminer.
    At the end: the new villan has set a big bomb but the Incredibles and ower new hero stop the bomb while frozone freeze the army of bots and beat the villan team.

    Someting that Tony can say to Violet:The Incredible suit red Violet is you your name, Our power`s are different but our love the same.

    I hope The Incredibles 2 come out soon

    • Ryan

      You know, I had an Idea where Tony get’s super powers and fights alongside the incredibles, but a friend of mine actually didn’t like that Idea so we decided to have Violet’s love intrest be an original character. It is a cool Idea though, and I would love to see it turned into the sequel for the incredibles

  5. Eric

    I think they should not go with the underminer story line also i think that they should introduce new heros like maybe another family of supers that they meet and maybe violet likes the oldest son or something like that and then they find out later that the family of supers they met are super villians, or you can just go the route of introduceing supervillians who says all supers have to be good guys right? in the first one they barely talk go over the villians i think maybe they could go super villians in some direction but they should be older and jack jack should play a part where hes not a baby i think maybe a year or two less then dash in the first one…thats all i got

    • jack hero

      I think they should go with the Underminer story after all the guy who plays the Underminer plays on all pixar movies Ham on all 3 Toy Story , Mack on both Cars so I prove my point Eric.

  6. Shawn miller

    I think they could make Tony Rydinger the son of a super villain and bob parr has to deal with the usual daughters boyfriend is a punk persona. Not willing to listen to the fact that Tony denounces his super villain heritage to be good to be with violet. Also bob’s former boss mr huff. Could have a love interest in Edna Mode. Also introduce Bob and Helen parr’s super hero parents and throw in the stresses of in-laws. All kind of possibilities

  7. Daniel

    I think this time, the story should be focused on Jack Jack, since we didn’t see much of his superhero abilities. Perhaps, they run into a new superhero phenomenon who is stealing momentum from the Incredible family, and then he turns out calling out the Incredible family to a friendly battle. So, they take the challenge and the Incredible family wins, and gains their momentum back, which causes him to have a vendetta against them, and attack them. While he is attacking the Incredible family, another person attacks both the Incredible family and new superhero phenomenon, and defeats both, and cause a three way war pretty much: Incredibles vs. Vendetta vs. Villian.

  8. jfffutu

    It would be pretty funny if the little boy on the tricycle ended up saving the day.

  9. jack hero

    Well I think the second movie should have Syndrone as the villain even though he died (or did he?) I mean it could of been a robot of him and the Incredibles would be shocked that Syndrone is alive. And maybe add a part were Dash has a crush on a girl and Tony find out that Violet has super powers.

  10. Kratos

    There are so many ways that the story could move from the end of the first movie. It would all depend on how the family would grow together or apart over the years. Government conspiracy or the race for a foreign country to clone a Super. There are so many stories to tell and these are only a few in my head.

  11. Herp Derpilton

    You know at this point in the game i feel you would need to make it a toy story 3 type of sequel. Dash could be the high school foot ball star, violet could be the hot new teacher or something and jack jack could be.. well jack jack. if syndrome were to come back i think that he would most likely be really ugly(plane engines don’t do justice for your face) and he probably wont have a cape being a little play on edna’s no capes reasoning.

  12. jimmy d

    everyone has good input, all i gotta say is let’s have #2 already. (please).

  13. Quenton

    I like evryones ideas so far…especially develop jack jack against The Underminer

  14. Ryan

    I was thinking about an Idea for a sequel that would mostly revlolve around Dash and Violet, and would introduce a new charcter that would be a year older than Violet, here’s the Idea:
    A young boy about a year Violet’s age gains the ability to absorb and manipulate electric energy, soon he is aproached by the NSA (National Super Agency) to become a better hero, so the boy, Violet, and Dash along with other’s their age are taken into a program developed by the agency to train young supers to become the next generation of hero’s, the facility for the program will be on the island of nomanisan (which use to be syndromes base, which overtime was bought by the agency) and Mirage will supervise the program while a mid 20’s NSA field agent would handle the security and is close friends with the boy.

  15. the incredibles2

    Basically in the sequel we have to accomplish few objective like –
    1. Establish the validity of the need for super heroes for the mass.
    2. A suitable opponent to match the incredibles.
    3. More innovative ideas, action, correlations etc

    Here let me give a plot. I hope people will like it.

    The government realised that there can be threat from the bad guys at times and so what ever be it we must be always ready to combat them. The government approaches Mr incredible for suggestions and he says that innovation related to science can be more powerful to combat acts of terror. A superhero is after all a human being. At this point he is worried about his family because he gets vulnerable from the bad guys if he says the government that he and his team will for ever be ready to combat any acts of terror. So he instead suggests that more technological advancement of science be there to save humanity.

    Now here the government takes new mission of scientific advancement and creates stuffs like robot with state of the art technology. They can be programmed to perform and act that normal human force can not. But there emerges a scientist whose model of defence the government does approve and mocks him. He see up his base and posses a threat to humanity. When all fails in comes the incredibles. But many twist and turns occurs and eventually the above said objectives get fulfilled.

    What do you say to that????

    • Ryan

      It seems cool, but I have a cool Idea for you that will take a whole new direction: When a young boy named Alex discovers that he has electric powers, he decides to use them for good, he is then approached by the NSA to train to become a beter hero, so Alex, Violet, and Dash along with other young super-powered kids are placed into a program created by the agency to train the next generation of heros, the facility for the program would be on the Island of Nomanisan (Syndromes base that was bought by the agency) and the boy would be Violet’s love intrest, Mirage would run the program, and an NSA field agent (skilled in combat) would run the physical training and security for the program, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl will still be major characters.

  16. Kitty

    I heard Brad Bird wanted to bring Syndrome back somehow. He’s not sure what he’ll do, but it is doable. I think they should introduce an evil guy related to Syndrome and have a new girl superhero. One who can become friends with Violet. Have it be a little more of Vi. A story of her finally finding a friend she can realate to. And in the end, she and her friend be the only ones who can save the day, etc.

    • Anonymous

      I think we should introduce a new female villain, it would be interesting to have them be a bit of a love interest for Syndrome.
      I’m also interested in seeing more of Jack Jack.

  17. Karime Patterson

    Edna said she was retired in part 1. Bring Edna back with super powers, preferably water (seeing that she had a waterfall sculpture in her house), elaborate on jack jack powers (fireball, lead weight, etc.) and have Edna help jack jack and frozone. Introduce frozones wife with wind/air power having her fly. Have mole man have his powers associated with dirt. Using all elements.

  18. TheMuncher

    As much as I want a sequel I hope the first movie is ruined by it for me. As for carrying on with the Underminer storyline I disagree with that I found that his like two minute appearance in the first movie cheapened the movie some how. As for Tony getting powers it would take away from how special the Incredibles really are. I think the storyline should be set when Jack- Jack is a teenager, the Incredibles as a family must be broken apart some how and less all- americanish, Jack- Jack must be a rebel who does what he wants because he has powers and Violet and Dash must be older and disinterested in their powers, something bad happens and Jack-Jack has to step up to the plate and the whole storyline should be about their healing process as a family in an awesome and interesting way!

  19. Sandy S.

    I think Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack need to be a dynamic trio. Maybe Violet has settled down with a baby herself and has to leave the non-super hubby and baby with her parents…..Grandpa Incredible and Grandma Elastigirl.

  20. SuperX

    years past and family is grown. Dash and Violet are their own superheroes doing their thing. mean while Mr. incredible is dealing with the deminishing of his powers with age and retirement. Baby Jak-Jak will be a young superhero tricked and persuaded to the darkside, up to his family to save him from the side of evil and a new villian. it can touch upon finding individual identity along with family sticking together in the midst of growing up. here is a good idea ;)

  21. Randy Savvy

    Maybe a spin off, and this time make Frozo the main character! Since the great US of A have a Black President. So this time introduce Frozo’s family. An 18 yr old son with the ability to combine break dancing and MMA with lethal consequence! and a 10 yr old daughter with the ability to combine telekinetic power with rapping, so what ever she raps happens also with lethal force to the enemies ears! And a grandma that can knit anything from metal, plastic or strings so she can knit them a super costume that they can wear to finally defeat their enemy!!!

  22. Tatyana

    I think they should make an Incredibles 2 (watched today again) I think the kids should be older. Maybe have competition with another super family. Like they dont like that family because there show offs. Also Show more of Jack Jack powers. The idea of her current boyfriend having powers don’t sound like a good sequel. Or Maybe Violet should be back from college with her new super boyfriend that her dad don’t like. Dash should be in high school and Jack Jack should be older showing more of his powers. And the world be more acceptant of supers. There’s so many ideas please make a new one! Think about your fans

  23. MarMar

    I think the Incredibles 2 movie should have the underminer and the movie should be a little based on the video game. Mr. Incredible and Frozone chase the underminer while the rest of the family stops the Underminer drills from reck havoc to the city. Then the Incredibles reunite to stop the Underminer and bring him to justice. Please Brad Bird, make a new sequel!

  24. Incredi-Fanatic

    Please make a movie for your fans. We love your action superhero movies, so don’t stop making them.

  25. Terry Rouss

    We definitely need an incredibles 2. I really like some of the ideas about the kids being older and the father not liking violets boyfriend but the movie should fit to the 21st century problems we have today such as terrorism. It will be hard to make part 2 as good as the original cause the incredibles is the best animated movie ever. Many adults love the movie so it would be a crime not to do a sequel. I hope we see one soon!

  26. Keven Omore

    Wow, all of those idea sound cool and good. In fact I also have good idea too and here it is, aliens. Yeah alien attack and here what I’m saying, at the beginning of the movie after the Incredibles beat the Underminer the alien attack start each of the Incredibles one by one and these aliens look like humans with super powers. Right after the Incrdibles found out that they’re being hunted down by alien the aliens send out an alien army and it’s one epic battle, then at the end of the movie the Incredibles defeats the alien army and so the alien was going to set off a bomb that was going to destroy earth but the alien main leader arrived to stop them from setting the bomb. The reason why the aliens attack is because the aliens thought that the Incredible killed the alien leader and here’s the funny thing, the alien leader look like Syndrome.

  27. incredi boy

    I say it should be based at least 5 years later and violet and Tony are living together and they both have jobs at a local restaurant,but violet no longer uses her ability because of her fear Tony will find out about it. dash has found his love interest, sadly for him it’s the new supervillans daughter and she has powers to. She can take other people’s abilities and give them to others or keep them and use them. While Jack Jack has learned how to use and control his powers and takes after dash and pranks the teacher…… a lot. As for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, they have gotten jobs that they can secretly use their powers. Bob was hired as a firefighter and Helen as a yoga instructor. Frozone sadly was killed fighting the underminer. While this new villain has been hunting down and taking and sometimes killing the superheroes. And his newest targets are the incredibles. Dash invites his love interest Daphne to go to Dashs`s house where she then steals Bobs powers and gives it to her father who now has 20 different powers. When Bob finds out he can’t use his powers he thinks his life is over but the next time Daphne is over dash hears her talking to her father over the phone to her father about stealing Helen`s ability next, he makes up an excuse to get her to leave. He follows her to her house and witness her father using his powers, including superstrength. His father ready to get the rest of the families powers kidnaps Jack Jack to lure Helen, violet and dash to a building specifically designed for their abilities thanks to the gov in case of an emergency that supers turned evil. The fight is taken outside and a helicopter captures it for the world to see which daphnes father flies up to the helicopter and tells the world of the incredible secret identities while they regrouped unknowing of what the villain was speaking of into the camera.even Tony witnesses his girlfriend using her powers. The all out fight breaks out of epic proportions and dash creates a diversion to get Jack Jack as he is the only one who can stop Daphnes father. Jack Jack uses his powers and some he did not know of and defeats daphnes father who is thrown in jail and Daphne who actually has feelings for dash and betrayed her father in the first place by taking away his powers to stop time (which he tried to use giving Jack Jack an opening for a finishing blow) takes her father’s powers back and returns Bob’s powers (Bob came to the fight to try and get his powers back but was knocked unconscious) and also gives dash the power to stop time. Tony finds violet but is not mad but awestruck and informs her that the whole world their identity.
    They go into hiding with Tony and Daphne with them. And as a after credit scene Daphnes father meets a cyborg like syndrome ready to take revenge and releases Daphnes father from prison.

  28. Derek

    I think there should be a family of villains that the incredibles feud with but at the end join powers for the greater good

  29. Will

    I think the sequel should be about the part at the end of the first movie. The mole dude.

  30. neko

    Ok how about the government after spending so much covering for bob makes a super academy on the island several years after the first movie. This way they can protect the public and control the next generation of supers but things don’t go quite add up. Turns out the director a scorned super turned villain after the publics back lash, government hiding and syndromes systematic attempt to wipe them out is secretly mind controling the children and raising an army of military trained supers. Jack jack and dash as the youngest are taken into this “school” and programed after dash finds out (snooping) and send the alarm to his family. Violet should be at college and fighting to find balence between her super team and independence etc. Violet bob and helen break in to save them with a few other super parents and have to overcome the villain and the brain washing, they sshould be captured and eventually released after getting through to dash and jack jack who are unique in that their parents have helped them become confident in their powers which is the twist put on the programing (going bacl to the directors back story) Jack jack should ultimately save the day prooving himself to be as good as his more famous family and there should be lots of comic bits sprinkled throughout for good story lines. I think its a decent scaffold if I do say so myself :)

  31. Rudy Navarrete

    I am 57 years old. I went through a medical treatment that lasted 9 months and I watched the Incredibles everyday during my 9 month ordeal. The movie had just been released. It saved my life, at least it helped me get through my treatments. Maybe part 2 can have a super hero that survives cancer or comes back after a bad accident. A true survivor as a hero, where the Incredibles incorporate him or her into the action. We all want to see more of all the Incredibles family!

  32. Darrell

    Develop the FroZone family, let them have kids with limited special abilities because his wife isn’t a Super–nothing silly. Bring in a super villain(s) who causes a division between the two families and between Mr & Mrs Incredible as well and the villain(s) eventually kidnaps the children. Let each parent attempt a rescue by themselves, failing miserably and then let them reconcile and attempt a rescue only to find the kids have outsmarted the villain themselves because they recognized much earlier than their parents that they are friends. Let this movie bring people of differing skin color together rather than apart.
    “Friends don’t see color”