Indiana Jones 4 Shia Labeouf is a biker

In Indiana Jones 4 Shia Labeouf is transformed (did I hear Transformers?) into a biker:
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Shia Labeouf is a biker - Indy 4Shia Labeouf The biker - Indiana Jones 4


Have a look to some more new pictures from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:
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Much more is available at: Indiana Jones 4

Was reading the first previews on the web and according to them this the best sequel ever of Indiana Jones. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this hearsay to be the truth! Indy 4!

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2 Responses - “Indiana Jones 4 Shia Labeouf is a biker”

  1. patrick

    judging from the “hat hint” at the end of the most recent Indiana Jones, it seems pretty obvious that Shia LaBeouf will be the next Indy

  2. Movie Release Dates

    Indeed Patrick! Heard that Georges Lucas already have a script ready to make Indiana Jones 5 that would focus on Shia Labeouf with a cameo of Harrison Ford.

    But since the release of the movie and its success I also heard that Harrison Ford would be inclined to reprise his role again.

    So not yet sure that Shia Labeouf will have the bigger hat.


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