Insidious 4 Movie – Insidious Chapter 4

The third chapter in the Insidious horror movie franchise $112 million worldwide for a mere $10 million budget. So you can bet there’s going to be a fourth installment. Do get ready for Insidious 4! Actually Leigh Whannell, who directed the third film and also served as the screenwriter for all three films so far, already hinted at what direction Insidious 4 could go in:

Leigh Whannell“I think an interesting thing would be to follow Elise, Specs and Tucker from the end of the third film. See what their next adventure would be. Remain in that prequel world. That’s just me – a lot of people will send me Tweets saying ‘What happened at the end of the second one – we need to find out.’ But I actually think the other direction would be more interesting – to see where Elise and Specs and Tucker would go with their adventures.”

Filmmaker Leigh Whannell

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of Insidious 4? Share your thoughts below!

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Update – The release date of Insidious 4 has been set to October 20, 2017.

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  1. Tino lee guerrero

    They should make atleast 3 more insidious movies. One where it goes back to when the father was being haunted bybthe woman in black when he was still a child. Another will continue after the second movie when the ghost of elise looks over the girl in the wheelchair then the screen went black. The third idea is to just make a totally new movie with new plot, setting, and characters.

    • sara mullen

      @Tino lee guerrero: but they kind of already did that. Why would they need to? You already know what happens.

    • Noah Williams

      Making a movie about josh as a kid being haunted by the women in black would be a good idea but she was already one of the main demons in second one and little bit in chapter 1. I’m a huge fan of Specs i don’t know his name but he’s the one who wrote the movies and he wrote the saw serious so we don’t know where the 4th chapter will begin but I miss the lambert family, but they will be back

  2. sara mullen

    they should continue it until it shows a story of Elise and her childhood and lead up to her dead husband and there life of what paranormal type business and when he died type of sequel and when Dalton older and the same guy haunts him AND his dad with the black bride.

  3. The One From Nowhere

    My god! They want to see more parts and can’t even remember the character names.
    I think that the Lambert family should be left alone. I mean they’ve gone through enough.
    I would really like to see the story of Allison though. Although, it would be hard to get rid of whatever spirit is haunting Allison, because Elise is dead. She might not be as powerful as she was alive. But then again, you can’t leave a thing like that hanging.

    • Sara

      I would like to see Dalton become a new central character. Perhaps with Elise’s help, battling the demon to perhaps save his younger brother.

      • The One From Nowhere

        @Sara: But Carl made sure that Dalton and Josh forgets everything, right? So if he can’t go to Astrosleep anymore, he won’t be colliding with demons no more. And like I’ve said before, leave that family alone man, I liked their happy ending. ^~^’

    • Sara mullen

      I agree it’s always been on my mind on what had gone wrong with Allison

    • chetan

      Yeah! I also want to watch what happened to Allison. The last scene of chapter 2 was pretty awesome and mysterious with suspense. I do want to know who the demon haunting Allison. It pretty seemed to me that the ghost was someone who Elise recognized.

    • Zoey

      @The One From Nowhere: You are so right I WOULD LOVE to see it if that was a movie I hope Specs (idk his real name) finds this

  4. The One From Nowhere

    Also, I’m pretty sure it’s the Lipstick Faced demon behind Allison. That crackling noise behind her, that’s definitely him. I wanna see more of that ugly S.O.B!

  5. nadya

    hi my name is nadya! i really love the insidious movies! i think there the best horror movies
    since friday the 13th,halloween,and a nightmare on elm street. For the insidious 4, i would really love if they would continue when elise look up thegirl on the wheelchair. And if its possible, i would really love to see josh haunted when he was a young kid.

    thank you!!!

  6. Kyle Baynot

    I agree with Leigh Whannell how there should be a sequel staged after this third installment. If anything you can’t just jump the gun and give Elise a background story that covers a small part of her past.

    Now comes the power comparison between Lip Stick Demon and the latest villain who was the ghost of an old man who was trying to spiritually consume Quinn. I felt on some cases, like the last film, that Parker Crane and this other ghost were almost as powerful as the Lip Stick Demon. Maybe this next installment will have a great story that covers why the Lip Stick Demon wasn’t as powerful as it would have been. From a supernatural standpoint: demons are much more powerful than ghosts.

    Another topic is it would be nice to see an installment where the story is based on Josh as a child. You don’t necessarily have to involve any cliffhanger in this installment because the first movie speakers for itself. But to see the chilling story of Josh as a child instead of just hear about it and see pictures would be neat. Why did Parker Crane choose to have an interest in Josh in the first place when there could have been other “accomplished” astral projectors?

    I wish I didn’t feel like this series wasn’t using the same technique George Lucas used with his Star Wars saga at the time. However this would be interesting to see how the prequels and sequels come together to lead us in the direction with the story after Insidious 2.

    And last is to have the a final installment which would cover what Elise saw as a ghost in that dark living room. We heard the same crackling noise when the Lip Stick Demon approached or just moved in the dark, but what if this is an entirely different demon? If the Lip Sticj Demon did come back, at least we all can think this demon is more powerful now compared to our view from it in Insidious.

  7. Kaleb

    I think they should follow elise, specs and tucker after the events of the second film. They’ve covered most everything else between the first and third films and made what happened to Elise’s husband very clear

  8. The One From Nowhere

    Yes, we know what happened to Elise’s husband, don’t need more of that.
    I don’t know why you guys want to see the part where Josh was being haunted as a child, I mean come on, we already know how Elise made him forget everything, it would be no fun! So don’t need more of that.

    So can we please, please see what happens with Allison? Please? Don’t leave that hanging.. ;-;

  9. Mala

    It should be about parker crane and his mother. What events led to him becoming the bride in black

  10. The One From Nowhere

    It should be about Parker Crane and his mother? really? -.-
    We all know that Parker’s mom was a psycho who tortured her son and forced him to dress as a girl. She took away his childhood and scarred him for life. Afterwards he also became completely mental and started to murder all those girls as the Bride In Black. After his death, he became all demonic and sh|t and tried to possess Josh’s body to regain a childhood, but succeeded after the events of Chapter 1. Now, do we really need to see all that?

  11. nagen

    in insidious chaper 3 elisa and spectral sighting people partner. they decided to work each other at the end. i think in chapter 4 elisa is possesed by her husband and by anyone one up them from spectral sighting or both bring her back. i havent seen this two men going to dark world. and not seen elisa have been possesed like chapter 3 girl. what ever sir when will we see spectral sighting people going to dark. it is not in 1,2,3 when we see two guy in dark

  12. chris

    I would like to see in insidious 4 the two partners of elise being possesed by entities that elise brought back in insidious3….just a thought

  13. Cheryl

    Please make insidious 4 begin after insidious 2. Wanna see who elise sees in the end of insidious 2! When i heard insidious 3 came out i totally thought it was going to be after the end where she was with allison!

  14. Sumit Gaur

    For Insidious 4…… See!! There are two choices…… the suspense left in Insidious 2.. Where Elise became a spirit entering in the room… n saw n hear about that cracking sound … With that girl sitting on the chair… … And the other one… That suspense left in Insidious 3… where Elise asks her dog… For barking on unknown entity… But actually … two devils related to Insidious 1 were there at the door and just behind of Elise… Yes its all about Elise… So according to my opinion… I would go for the Elise’s life…

  15. Mark

    It actually makes alot of sence for then to stay in prequel land because Elise is dead at the end of the 1st and helps finally get the Parker to leave Josh alone and ud think she’d just be in peace but she decides to help another family while she’s dead I wld say when they catch up to the end of the 2nd the franchise is over so staying in prequel land gets us another movie and the way they connected the 1st and 2nd I cant say anything other then Jesus man the knocks on the door was joah on the further that was amazing I’ve never seen movies tie in like that so we all know they have the power to actually tie them all in together but I would like to see Elise Tucker and specs journey up to Dalton u kno have there big story of a new demon or whatever and always seeing the wib and the red faced demon in the back of her head and at the end could be the mother of Josh asking for help like she did in the 1st and then finally get back to one hell of a horror movie when Elise is dead and in the further being on the same playing ground as the demons to help out Allison that’s what I would love to see something along those lines

  16. Casey J.

    Insidious is one of the best horror movies I have seen. I absolutely love watching horror and getting scared but I’m not in to the bloody gory unbelievable kind of stuff. I like a movie where I feel could be a situation in real life….like insidious. Getting to the point of this, I’d like to see who the ghost lady is and where she came from…what’s her story ya know. Why did she choose Josh. Was it only bc he can “dream travel” & are there others like him. I’d definitely like to see more of the scary demon like thing from the first movie and what’s his story…Elise would surely need to be in it….she’s amazing!!

  17. Kp

    I am very curious about allison who is in the wheelchair from insidious 2. Will Allison fully wake up? Who is the evil spirit that might be following Allison? Will the evil spirit finally let her go? Maybe her evil deceased uncle, grandpa or ancient neighbo ? Who knows? Will insidious produce about allison’s life? How did she ended up in the wheelchair? How did she got into the coma? When will she finally got her consciousness back?

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