Into The Grizzly Maze Movie Trailer

Actor James Marsden got the lead role in Into The Grizzly Maze, an upcoming action-packed adventure movie set in the Alaskan wilderness. Check out the official trailer of Into The Grizzly Maze below:

“After a relentless grizzly starts to wreak havoc on a small town, the sheriff heads into the forest to find his ecologist wife but instead crosses paths with his estranged, ex-con brother. They soon find themselves on the run from the massive killer bear. The hunted become the hunter in this edge-of-your seat thriller about the power of nature and the smell of blood.”

There’s also a first poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


The film is directed by David Hackl. And besides James Marsden, the cast also includes Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, Adam Beach, and Michaela McManus.

The release date of Into The Grizzly Maze is set to June 26, 2015.

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