Iron Man 2 Comic Con Footage

Footage of Iron Man 2 was shown during the Comic Con panel. Those scenes haven’t been officially released yet, but a few pictures taken from the Iron Man 2 footage shown at Comic Con are popping up online, here a few:

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Update 2: Watch the official trailer of Iron Man 2!


Update 1: the Comic con footage of Iron man 2 has finally leaked online!

Removed following request by Paramount Pictures.

BUT it seems they don’t mind the huge site Gawker to show the trailer of Iron Man 2 –>here

IRON MAN 2 Leaked footage

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is a bit depressed…

Whiplash - Iron Man 2Whiplash
Russian ex-con Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash fires his whips on the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit.

Don Cheadle as War MachineWar Machine in Iron Man 2
That’s War Machine we see on the pictures above: Jim Rhodes (Don Cheadle) ‘s part will be more important than in the first movie.

Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes

I hope a video of the full Comic Con footage of Iron Man 2 will show up soon!

8 Responses - “Iron Man 2 Comic Con Footage”

  1. naethan

    this is gonna be awesome !

  2. J Smith

    Coolest thing ever!

  3. andries price

    i will see iron man 2 i will see robert downey jr. and don cheadle suit up im a iron man fan so this movie is cool i like robert downey jr. and don cheadle this iron man 2 movie is cool so i will see iron man 2 in theatres may 7th 2010 see ya.

  4. DaddlerTheDalek

    I Love The First Iron Man Movie! :)
    Iron Monger was a Great Villian! =D
    I Cannot Wait to see War Machine & Whiplash in Action!
    Iron Man 2 will Rule The Theaters! XD

  5. treyomayo

    i’m not sure, didn’t terrence howard play jim rhodes in the first one? i’m gonna go watch it but i think he did

  6. Jonathan

    I’m very excited.. :)

  7. Jokerfan45

    Awesome pics man! Now if I could only see the clip myself.

  8. iron-man

    I wonder if the official trailer will be the 5 minutes long this one is.