Iron Man 2 Don Cheadle As Jim Rhodes War machine Instead of Terrence Howard

Marvel Studios stab Terrence Howard int he back: Don Cheadle will be Jim Rhodes aka War Machine in Iron Man2!Hollywood may want you to believe that the movie industry is a big family when promoting a movie, but actually it is but a big business. A stark example is reported by Slashfilm: actor Terrence Howard who played Jim Rhodes, Tony Stark’s military friend in the movie Iron Iron Man, is being replaced by Don Cheadle for Iron man 2. Marvel Studio is kicking Terrence Howard out of the loop to save money!

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Well Marvel is maybe also preparing to give more weight to the character of Jim Rhodes, maybe Marvel is thinking about War Machine in Iron man 2. So Don Cheadle may be a better bet because he has indeed more experience than Terrence Howard: such experience would be welcome in case of a spin-off movie dedicated to War Machine.

4 Responses - “Iron Man 2 Don Cheadle As Jim Rhodes War machine Instead of Terrence Howard”

  1. Richard

    Terrence Howard is an awesome actor and I understand he was hired specifically because he could play War Machine in a sequel. It is a big mistake to replace him. Besides, it ruins the continuity of the franchise. I think Don Cheadle is an excellent actor, but I don’t want to see Terrence Howard replaced. I might just sit the sequel out and save ten bucks.

  2. Teaser Trailer

    I bet that you’ll go watch Iron Man 2 eventually! :)

  3. andries price

    i like iron man 2 i saw don cheadle on a war machine suit thats cool i like to see don cheadle as rhodey / war machine on iron man 2
    i am sorry for terrence howard he should be on it but he ‘s not so i will see don cheadle as rhodey aka war machine iron man 2 and iron man 2 videogame. i hope i play as rhodey war machine on iron man 2 videogame . i will get iron man 2 videogame on playstation 2 i will get on ps2 iron man 2 im ready so i will get iron man 2 videogame on ps2 i hope it’s rated E for everyone. then i will see iron man 2 in theatres 2010 of may see ya.

  4. Nathan Willms

    damn that was a bug douche bag move thanks to Disney. Terrance Howard fits that part way better than this other guy. why the hell would you just change actors to pay more and piss people off like me