Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer

Iron Man 2 TrailerWatch below a bootleg trailer of Iron man 2 (I should say footage actually) that just leaked online via Dailymotion! It was shown during the last Comic Con:

Removed following request by Paramount Pictures.

BUT it seems they don’t mind the huge site Gawker to show the trailer of Iron Man 2 –>here

Oh my god! This movie trailer of Iron Man 2 makes my day, even makes my month! Whiplash and War Machine are just awesome!

7 Responses - “Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer”

  1. xino


    i just wish this movie will come out already man:/

  2. J Smith

    To whoever leaked that trailer, THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH!

  3. B-rian

    I never comment on things but I decided to comment and say THANK YOU!

  4. Russ

    What’s up with Don Cheadle as War Machine? This might be just me, but he doesn’t really seem like the type that strikes fear in the heart of evil..

  5. thor

    War Machine looks good. Not sure about Black Widow yet though. We will probably get to see a lot of this in the official Iron Man 2 trailer before too long.

  6. lil billy

    that just got me so excited. can not wait to see Iron Man 2!

    But please release a HD trailer of Iron Man 2 asap!

  7. ironutz6179

    i don’t like whiplash at all. Black Widow I’m not sold on either. The Iron Man and War Machine scenes look great. Still got faith in the director to deliver the goods.

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