Iron Man 3 Movie

IRON MAN 3 MovieWe’re still just waiting for the first official trailer of Iron man 2, but Paramount is already working on a possible Iron Man 3 movie! It’s not that crazy because we all know that IM2 is going to be a huge success. Here’s Director Jon Favreau confirming the movie Iron Man 3:

Iron Man 3 Trailer

“There’s an Iron Man 3. Here’s how I know. When they make the option deals, they include Iron Man 3. So I know they’re planning on 3. Whether that would be before or after Avengers, they’ve announced that Avengers is next but they pushed back The Avengers once, which I thought was encouraging.”

Director Jon Favreau

The Mandarin is the likely villain of Iron Man 3 and it would actually make sense. Actor Faran Tahir, who played Raza, the mysterious leader of the 10 Rings in the first Iron Man movie, talked about the Mandarin:

“Jon Favreau and the producers are not stupid. They’re also listening in on all of this and wanting to get the pulse of where the audience is. But at some point, they want to introduce Mandarin into the storyline and my character, like Mandarin, was the leader of the Ten Rings. We’re leaving it open because, partly, it makes good business sense for us to leave a little bit of uncertainty for people to speculate on.
He has known for a long time where he wants to take it and I don’t want to speak for him, but my feeling is that the second movie didn’t want to just follow a singular storyline. They wanted to expand the characters to show that it’s not a linear saga like Lord of the Rings. There’s a linkage somewhere in there, but the big idea is to do at least one more Iron Man movie and then go into The Avengers.”

Actor Faran Tahir

I would rather see Iron Man battling against Hulk than against an Arab Mandarin (sorry for Tahir who’s still a great actor, but the Mandarin should be Chinese like in the comic book!), but I think they’re keeping the green beast for the Avengers movie…

Anyway, let’s hope that the movie Iron man 3 will be released between Thor and the Avengers!

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