Iron Man 3 Official Picture

Marvel released an official picture of the set of Iron Man 3:

Iron Man 3 Trailer

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

What’s your favorite armor?

5 Responses - “Iron Man 3 Official Picture”

  1. Eric

    I like the suitcase armor! Just pull that sucker out anywhere. Or even the one from the avengers when he was falling and it pretty much just caught him. Freakin awesome!!

  2. xino

    i wonder what suit he’s gonna use, might be Ultimate Armour or is it called Ultima? i hope so:)

    the Hydro Armor was in Avengers movie but it’s more of a mixture of Mark 2 with Hydro Armor.

  3. Angel

    I also like the armor from the avengers when he put on the bracelets and caught him in mid air!! Badass!!…but whos picky I take any of them.

  4. amal

    Hey, we want warmachine also in iron man 3 and avengers 2! Please!

  5. sajid

    Just wanna see robert crowney junior in the iron patriot armor…….wating for it