Iron Sky 3 The Ark Trailer

Iron Sky 3 The Ark MovieYou may watch below the first official teaser trailer of Iron Sky 3 aka Iron Sky The ark, the third installment in the science-fiction movie sequel Iron Sky:

Plot synopsis:
“The film tells a story of two Chinese university dropout audiophiles who set out on a quest to decode a mysterious message received from the Moon, but find themselves fighting against the mother of all conspiracy theories – the secret organization Illuminati.”

Love the voice over! Am totally pumped up!

This new installment is a Chinese-Finnish-Canadian co-production and it can boast a $25 million budget. So we may expect even more outlandish visual effects! Director Timo Vuorensola, who directed both Iron Sky and its yet-to-be-released sequel Iron Sky 2 The Coming Race, is in charge of the project based on a script by Dalan Musson, Max Wang, Timo Vuorensola and Hongyang Yu.

A few words from Max Wang about the story:

“Iron Sky The Ark is about humans on earth facing environmental disaster searching for the Ark of Rescue to the Moon! But where is the Ark? How to find it? We hope audiences leave the cinema with a small Ark in each person’s heart.”

Max Wang

The film will be shot in autumn 2017 in Beijing, China. So, it could get released end of 2018.

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