J.J. Abrams Star Wars 7

Director J.J. Abrams (the man behind blockbusters like Cloverfield, Mission Impossible 3, Super 8 and wrote and produced countless of other awesome movies and TV shows) has been hired to helm Star Wars 7!

Star Wars Episode 7 – J.J. Abrams is George Lucas’ new padawan!
“The film is supposed to be a sequel to Star Wars Episode 6 and would bring the Skywalker family to the fore (featuring appearances of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher as they reprise their respective roles) and introduce a new generation of heroes.”

I do dig what J.J. Abrams did with the Star Trek franchise, so I’m glad to hear that he’s now taking over the Star Wars franchise too.

But what about you? Do you approve Disney’s choice? Is J.J. Abrams the right director to helm Star Wars Episode VII? Share your thoughts below!

3 Responses - “J.J. Abrams Star Wars 7”

  1. Daren

    Hmmm, JJ will do a good job I think as long as the story can follow the Books, i reckon it will be great

  2. Nathan

    Let me start with… the new Star Trek grew on me and I have seen it 3 times…. with that said…
    JJ Abrams ruined almost 50 years of Star Trek canon with his reboot of the entire Star Trek Universe. I am a hardcore Star Trek fan and it’s pretty crappy to reset an entire universe. If he resets Star Wars canon I don’t think fans will be as forgiving as they were with the Star Trek reset.
    A director, even of his caliber, should ask the question, “Do I have the right to reset an entire ‘universe’ that I had no hand in creating in the first place?”

  3. LAViking

    Not he didn’t reset Star Trek canon. He made it possible for the original characters to continue the canon with a new cast. Parallel Universe. The original canon still happened.