Jackie Earle Haley Freddy Krueger

A first official picture of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger in the upcoming movie remake A Nightmare on Elm Street:

A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Remake

(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)
Here’s a closer look which gives a better idea of Freddy Krueger’s face:

Well seems like the remake does respect the traditional appearance of the crazy Freddy.

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  1. iszaham

    Man, I’m really excited about this remake/reboot of the 1984 film. Now, after seen this new promo picture, I’ve a second doubt about this film. Maybe this might be the first attempt, still NOT a real one they’re going to put in the film. Hope they quickly make a very-very scary Freddy like the old one. Fingers crossed guys.

  2. Older But-Weiser

    why a remake?

  3. Rusty Isherwood

    I really like the look of the new freddy, unlike friday the 13th’s Jason 2009 remake that i believe fell short of the modern horror demand. I believe this one has the chance to become a dark and grisly remake if that was ever possible.

    Let’s hope the guys can pull it off

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