Jackrabbit Movie Trailer

You may watch below the official trailer of Jackrabbit, the upcoming cyberpunk science-fiction movie directed by Carleton Ranney based on a script he co-wrote with Destin Douglas and starring Josh Caras, Ian Christopher Noel, Joslyn Jensen, and Reed Birney:

Plto synopsis:
“The world as we know it is a thing of the past. The world’s technological infrastructure has been wiped out by an event known as The Reset. Now, in City VI, a powerful technology firm called VOPO Technologies has managed to salvage a capitalistic system in an attempt to rebuild society. VOPO’s newest recruit is Simon Pinkerton, a computer prodigy who works in an electronics repair shop. Under VOPO’s watchful eye, a scattered group of hackers is determined to establish a connection beyond the city limits. One such hacker, Max, finds his loner routine disrupted when he becomes the recipient of a hard drive from Eric Ross, a fellow hacktivist who recently committed suicide. The drive is full of strange code and a single note that reads: “FIND SIMON PINKERTON.” Working together, Simon and Max begin to unravel the sprawling mystery behind Eric’s message. But as they travel deeper down the rabbit hole, Simon begins to question the dangerous implications of their quest.”

And here’s the film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

I dig the retro-cyberpunk feel of this movie. And now I wonder how the story will turn out, guess I’ll have to see it!

The release date of the movie Jackrabbit is set to March 25, 2016 (Internet and VOD).

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