Jessica Chastain Woman Walks Ahead

Here’s a first official look at Actress Jessica Chastain as Catherine Weldon and Actor Michael Greyeyes as Sitting Bull in Woman Walks Ahead, the upcoming biography drama movie directed by Susanna White:

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Woman Walks Ahead Movie

Plot synopsis:
“The story follows Catherine Weldon (Jessica Chastain), who moved from Brooklyn to the Standing Rock Reservation in Dakota Territory to help Sioux chieftain Sitting Bull keep the land for his people. Weldon wrote letters to the federal government on behalf of Sitting Bull and lived on the land for several years with her son.”

What do you think of Jessica Chastain as Sitting Bull’s white squaw? She’s a bit too slim, nope?

Anyway, love Sitting Bull’s colorful garment, so kitsch!

Still no official release date.

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  1. SantaFean

    Already one can see it – although the script’s author and movie’s director have had access to and knowledge of the true story of Caroline Weldon (sorry, it is not Catherine!) – a middle aged woman from Brooklyn in her late forties – an amateur artist (not “portraitist”) as is stated, in typical late 19th century city garb, complete with high collar to conceal the neck and a hairstyle that was parted in the middle and knotted into a tight bun on the back of the head and Sitting Bull, a stocky man in his latter fifties, they chose to create an image of fiction. Imagine, a middle-aged Victorian woman from Brooklyn riding on a horse! Not realistic at all and totally wrong. Sitting Bull, as is well documented, took to wearing cotton shirts as early as the 1870’s – nearly 20 years before he would have met Caroline Weldon. He tended to wear woolen leggins made of dark blue trade cloth. Rudolf Cronau, a 19th century journalist and illustrator, who published one of the earliest descriptions of Sitting Bull mentions that he met him in the sutler’s store at Fort Randall in the summer of 1881 and renders his appearance as a broad shouldered stocky man, with a large head and a broad nose. Cronau also drew Sitting Bull’s likeness which was then published in the GARTENLAUBE illustrated magazine in Germany. Caroline Weldon, a proper Victorian woman and member of the National Indian Defense Association (NIDA) genuinely interested to assist the Lakota in their plight against the Federal Government’s attempt to expropriate from the tribe millions of acres of land. There was certainly no romantic involvement as is insinuated. This motion picture likely will end up as a flop and deservedly so. It is disrespectful to the Lakota and Indians in general – purely made up for the benefit of yet creating another fast dollar in the fast paced entertainment industry. It is a creation of fiction merely utilizing the names and characters of real historic figures.

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