Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean 4

Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Carribean 4

Looks like the next Pirates of The Caribbean movie will recenter on Jack Sparrow, the famous facetious character played by Johnny Depp. At least that’s what Director Gore Verbinski, who was in charge of the previous movies, hinted at.

More details at: Pirates of The Caribbean 4 in 2011 Johnny Depp is back as Jack Sparrow

There were rumors about Johnny Depp asking for quite a lot of money to make Pirates of The Carribean 4. They’ve been denied since, but I still believe that there is some truth in those rumors: Walt Disney Pictures may try to bargain but at the end, if they want this film to be a success, they can’t take the risk to loose Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

So Johnny Depp is in a position to reap millions with Pirates of The Caribbean 4!

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  1. karen

    I’m sorry for those that are sick and tired of pirates of the caribbean, but ya, I am thrilled that they are making a fourth one. I honestly wish that they would keep on going. Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Keira Knightly are fantastic. The word that Johnny Depp might not be in the fourth really sucks, I really hope that he can, the movies wouldnt be the same without him. Not to mension, it would suck for everyone that is involved in the movie because the entire movie would be a failure, I’m sure that atleast half of the people that watch potc is because of johnny depp.

  2. low

    I am so excited to hear that there might be a fourth pirates of he caribbean movie:) they’re my favorite movies. If i could, I would want to be in this movie. I know so many of my friends that got me hooked on these movies. I have all of them in my bedroom and i watch them all the time.Another thing is that they cant do the movie without Johnny Depp, it just wouldn’t work. He is the only person on this planet that can play the role of Jack Sparrow. If they find someone to play Jack Sparrow and it’s not Johnny Depp, then I don’t know who is going to watch it. I love you Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightly for making the best movies ever :) and hopefully there will be at least one more

  3. thl

    I’m soo friken excited!!! those who are tired of pirates have issues. I mean they have to end them eventually, but for now, I’m cool with it. I hope everyone is in it. Because it would s**k without them. i can’t wait to see Jack’s family in the movie. That guy, Teague (Jack’s *dad*) is really cool. for being that old he’s a good actor.

  4. pirate

    Pirates without Johnny?! NO WAY!! It would never work. Disney is just going to have to fork over whatever amount he wants…and deserves!! He makes the movie!

  5. Teaser Trailer

    No need to panic: Johnny Depp is definitely in Pirates of the Caribbean 4

    It’s just that Johnny Depp may try to bargain to get more money this time. :)

  6. Pirate Girl

    I love the “Pirates” movies so much!!! They are the best movies ever. I really hope that Johnny Depp is in there as wells as Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley. The movie would not be the same without them. If they are not in there, I don’t know who would watch the movie. They make the movie come together and they were there since the first film and it would be so weird to have all new characters.

  7. MendedHeart

    i wish Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley would be in it! (: It would not be Pirates of the Caribbean four if they are not in it… but the best part is, Johnny Depp is in it! jack sparrow is so funny in the last episode of PotC.. hahas xD wish the movie would come out faster.. :DD

  8. laine

    i wish johnny depp would just die so the world would’nt have to suffer through another shitty pirates movie

  9. Teaser Trailer

    laine, what you’re saying is rather mean….

    Johnny Depp is such a great actor! I wish him a long life and a long cinema career besides the movie Pirates of The Caribbean 4!

  10. LaResh

    Laine’s a tool

  11. Ian

    I think they should have left it with pirates 3 because that was a great movie and if they screw this movie up it will kill the series.

  12. natlie

    Bring Back Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush! also, Make the movie come out before National Treasure PLEASE!

  13. VNDKTR

    The one actor that Disney is sure to bring back is Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Depending on the storyline, it may not be necessary to bring back Orlando Bloom’s character(considering he is captain to the Flying Dutchman and cannot touch land for another 10 year and all) or Keira Knightley’s character. But, then again it’s Hollywood. I’m sure they will come up with something just to bring them back.

  14. Holly

    I was hoping they would make another one. I love it. I just hope we don’t have to wait until 2011 or 2012 for the movie to come out. I want it now :)

  15. Maggie

    I absolutely love to watch Johnny Depp in any movie, but the Pirates movies are my favorite. I can’t wait for Pirates 4 and I would be happy with Pirates of The Caribbean 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 etc.

  16. Ashley

    I love all the movies as well. I was disappointed to learn that Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom won’t make it back, but I was satisfied with their ending (AFTER the credits rolled of course). I LOVE Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. I LOVE Geoffrey Rush as Barbosa. I like them working together though. I wish they would join forces in the fourth. . . hopefully they will … . =)

  17. ARUN

    I love Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley. I love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow very very much. And I think that Pirates of The Caribbean 4 will be a fantastic movie. I want Johnny Depp to make this movie! Sweet kiss to Jack Sparrow!

  18. KAYSIE

    I think it would be pretty cool to make another one… But if they don’t have Orlando Bloom in it it will most likely be retarded and not worth watching…

  19. abs

    I hope there is a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And James Norrington (Jack Davenport) and Lord Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander) have to be in it!

  20. sara

    how could kiera and orlando’ characters not come back. they have a SON! remember?
    it would not be the same with out those 2 .
    how sad to hear that. :(

  21. natlie

    To Sara: I don’t care about Will and Elizabeth, I’m more into Jack and Barbossa and the Fountain of Youth. Savvy?

  22. Yahya

    When is the release date of Pirates of the Caribbean 4?

  23. sean

    Yahya, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is coming out on May 25th, 2012 Friday to movie theaters.

  24. Kim

    OMG!! I’m so excited about the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I honestly can’t wait. Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom are the whole reason why that movie was such a huge box office hit! Its such a shame to hear that they won’t be in the next one. But its good to hear that the whole movie will be focusing on Jack Sparrow=)

  25. Adam

    ok well here’s the news about Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Orlando andKkeira are getting dropped. The story is focused mainly on Johnny Depp and a wee bit about Barbossa. And of course it will be about the fountain of youth. Aditionally it will also be about Jack Sparrow’s family somewhat.

  26. hannah

    OH MY GOSH! You cant have another Pirates of the Caribbean movie without hottie Orlando and amazing actress Keira! Will is the captain of the Flying Dutchman and all the Will and Liz fans will be devastated if they don’t come back! I mean they have to survive for TEN YEARS without each other! Everyone wants to see them get together for good! I mean Will in the bandanna in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 … *faint*… he was so hot! you CANNOT have a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie without him and Keira!

  27. Suzie Q

    Calypso can give charge back to Davy Jones, after all she can raise from the dead like she did for Barbosa. Davy Jones, having learned a lesson won’t need the tenacles. Will can be free to go with the gang, in search of The fountain of youth. Russel Brand, will make it twice as hilarious as Jack’s younger brother. If Kiera doesn’t want to return, their son will be older now and can join the crew with his father Will. she could have died. St Augustine would be a perfect place to film, saving alot of money on sets and there are two Forts there. Anastasia Island would be perfect for all the trailers. There are very old Graveyards, old town, the Forts, and now would be a few years later making St Augustine a perfect setting.

  28. Jessipoopoo

    First off I wanna say I would be SO happy if it is true that they are making a 4th Pirates, I love the movies. As for them getting rid of Elizabeth and Will, that would be a little weird and somewhat disappointing but their characters WERE getting a little worn out by the 3rd one. The characters just seemed so unhappy through most of the movie and it was kinda depressing. It was almost as if they were being forced to be there. It wasn’t until the end when they got married and then had their kid that they seemed like the Elizabeth and Will that we all knew. However I think they should be smart about getting rid of them and not just dump them off completely and cold turkey. If they are going to make even more movies based on Jack, the 4th one should show how and why Elizabeth and Will would not be back and slowly get rid of them. Ween them off so to speak, otherwise that would have us addicts going crazy LOL

  29. natlie

    Here’s my secret, and don’t tell my mum about this, but I’m going to Collage on this thursday and this is my first year and i’ll be taking up drama class and next year, I’ll be going to Drama School, so maybe if I become an actress, I’ll be in the Fifth Pirates of the Caribbean Film and Your welcome to have my autograph. Savvy?

  30. CreateOne

    I am on the seat of my chair waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean 4! Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa play well off of each other and whatever Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer put together for this one will be a sure thing. Love to see which way they go with this one. I trust it will stay true to Johnny Depps character. Shame about Davey Jones, he was a great antagonist. Always room for someone new though!! This series captures the adventurer and child in all of us. I say – BRING IT ON!!!

  31. Scorpio

    I`ll only see this film if they try to keep to the plot idea of the third and have Sparrow and Barbossa race each other to the fountain of youth while also racing against an evil pirate from hundreds of years ago who has come back from the dead to seek revenge on the people who betrayed him namely Barbossa and Sparrow.

    If they wanted to they could always reintroduce Elizabeth who needs the Water from the fountain of youth so she can stay alive waiting for the person who is now doinng Davy jones old job.

  32. Hannah Lorenz

    I am excited for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I agree with Suzie Q. Elizabeth could die…by a sickness while her son (grown up of course) and Jack Sparrow be the main stars (at least 2 of the main stars of the 4th one anyways cuz liz and will’s son needs to have a lover ;) ). And like in the “Curse of the Black Pearl” we don’t ever have to SEE the Flying Dutchman just talk. And obviously we won’t have to see liz and will they will just be talk among the other characters (of what happend to the Mr. and Mrs. Turner). Basically a new adventure, of course, similer to the first one but a different story ine involving the “Fountain of Youth”…and Sparrow and Barbossa and the new young Turner (of Will and Liz) and a new miss (of some sort to fall in love with the new young Turner) and Mr. Gibbs and other memorable characters that might make it back.
    And if Sparrow does not return, well then he can just be talk too (in the movie) and so then it would just be the new young Turner and his lover as 2 of the main stars of the the 4th one as well as Barbossa. And hey, then a 5th one can follow up with the new young Turner and his lover with new adventures and what not…

  33. Susan Sharrow

    Don’t even suggest POTC 4 could be a hit without Johnny Depp! Anyway he’s already going to be in it, Kiera doesn’t want to be in it, so she could die, and when Will comes back after the 2nd 10 years to tell her he is free of the Dutchman, that Davy Jones is now guiding the souls that died at sea,find his son alone, Elizabeth had died, now 20 years old. Will can return, with Davy Jones taking back his post to relieve Will, take his son and join up with Sparrow.But in the end of #3, Sparrow is off to find Barbosa and now Barbosa needs Jack because he has the map. So if it went the way I suggested above, there would be a 20 year gap and what happened during that time? Already the ending has shown 10 years pass. What was Sparrow doing during that 10 years?

    OR……. There is talk about Johnny’s younger brother, he could be searching for Jack, meet Will and his son and all go searching for Jack and the Pearl. That’s IF Will is in it. But that would be many years later. haha I wonder since Beckett died at Sea,if Will ferried HIM to the other side!

    So if Will doesn’t return, Kieth Richards is supposed to, and Jack’s younger brother, it’ll still be great! They did a great job on 1,2 and 3 so I’m sure they will handle Pirates of the Caribbean 4 just fine!

    Another angle could be that Will’s dying was just a DREAM, maybe Elizabth had or even Will and there really was no son, and Will’s father was really the one to kill Davy Jones and he took over the Dutchman. Eliz could die and Will meets Jacks brother and they set out to find the Pearl. That would give us nack the 10 years

  34. Cat

    You all sound so sad picking what you think should happen in Pirates of the Caribbean 4! pffft Will and Elizabeth have had their thing… so move on! it would get tedious if they could miraculously appear outta no where! I loved the first three Pirate of the Caribbean movies and have seen them like 20 times each or something, but there can’t be to much of a good thing! Russel Brand is a nob! so why the hell he has to be in it GOD only knows! And if that idiot from high school musical ends up in it then it’s the biggest p*** take ever! they would have ruined amazing films!

  35. Sarah

    I am so glad they are making a Pirates 4. I really love the series. I am even happier that Will and Elizabeth won’t be in it. They were the most boring and annoying characters in the whole movie and frankly, when I watch the dvd’s, I tend to fast forward past the parts that involve only them.
    Jack and Barbossa are the best!

  36. pirate lover

    pirates of the caribbean is awesome im addicted to the movies.
    I know it’s supposed to come out in 2011/2012 but it needs to come out NOW!

    totally exasperated about the fourth movie. I love Jack Sparrow

  37. Sarah Saunders

    I can’t wait to see the new pirates of the caribbean movie

  38. natlie

    Hey people! Johnny Depp is MINE!

  39. Jonas

    December 26, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    I hope there is a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And James Norrington (Jack Davenport) and Lord Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander) have to be in it!

    James Norrington is dead…. He was killed by Bootstrap at the second movie:)

    I cant wait for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to come out…..

  40. krcordova

    is it true..what’s her name (sorry i forgot it!!) that plays elizabeth WON’T be in it?? it wouldn’t be the same without her!!

  41. Lucy Dean

    what are you talking about! i hear Orlando bloom and keira knightley aren’t gonna be in it… please don’t tell me johnny depp isn’t gonna be in it as well! (I love pirates of the Caribbean i cry at the end of last one when will dies)

  42. wilma legaspi

    am so excited that i can’t wait anymore. i am always a fan of johnny depp…a good looking guy, a nose with a perfect shape. a very good actor. gogogo johnny depp, surprise me.

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