Jonah Hill 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street MovieActor Jonah Hill gave an update to ComingSoon about the upcoming 21 Jump Street movie he’s involved in:

21 Jump Street Trailer

“Audiences are not expecting what it’s going to be. It’s not a parody of the show. I’m not playing Johnny Depp’s character… I’m not saying I’m Johnny Depp. I’m not playing his character. It’s a group of people that go back to high school to deal with a drug problem. To deal with crime in high school. I really love the ‘Back to the Future’ moment of that where it’s getting to relive a certain period of your life… It’s a comedy with really cool action. We’re not doing something serious like ‘Miami Vice.’ But it’s not a parody. It’s a funny movie with a lot of great action and a real story. I’ve been saying that it’s like a John Hughes movie with ‘Bad Boys’ style action.
There might be a couple of surprises in there… The Chapel’s there. There will be stuff from the show”

Jonah Hill

21 Jump Street, a comedy? Really? Come on, 21 Jump Street was a great cop show in its own genre, but it sure wasn’t a comedy series! Why does he need to change that? I’m a bit lost after reading Jonah Hill’s words… I was rather glad when I heard about this movie adaptation, but now, I’m afraid they’re going to MacGruberize my dear 21 Jump Street! Let’s hope for a miracle then!

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  1. Kayla

    I dont know if i can watch this or not i mean i always hoped for one but if Johnny Depp isnt his character Tom Hanson and doesnt have a leading role i just dont think i could watch it but if Johnny does do a cameo id probably will watch it bc i sooooo love Johnny Depp i just hope yall dont mess my fav 80s tv series up :)