Judge Dredd Remake or Judge Dredd Sequel?

Judge Dredd Remake MovieDo you remember Judge Dredd, the sci-fi movie set in a dystopian future starring Sylvester Stallone as a super super cop with instant field judiciary powers? Well that movie is gonna have a reboot or maybe it will have a sequel. It’s been announced (here) on the official forum of 2000 AD, the weekly British science fiction-oriented who was behind the original Judge Dredd comics:

“Rebellion and 2000 AD are proud to announce that Judge Dredd is coming to a cinema near you soon!

Together with DNA Films, the movie production company behind such great sci-fi movies such as Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later, Judge Dredd will go into production in 2009.

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director said, ‘We can’t give away too many details at this point, but we’re looking forward to working with DNA Films to bring Judge Dredd back to the big screen.’

We’ll keep you up to date with breaking news as it happens!”

w3b-B0Tv2, admin on 2000 AD’s site

If the movie goes in production in the second half of 2009 (I doubt it would start before), considering that post-production would require a lot of CGI I guess, we may expect this new Judge Dredd movie to be released in 2011 and if lucky end of 2010.

Let’s remember the original Judge Dredd movie with this theatrical trailer:

Judge Dredd (Sylvester Stallone) was the law:

Judge Dredd: I am the law!

Don’t know yet what is ahead, reboot Judge Dredd remake or Judge Dredd sequel (or even a prequel?) but I bet they will somewhat update this damn kitsch outfit Stallone was wearing:

Judge Dredd Sequel

All that’s quite sure is that Sylvester Stallone will not have the lead role: he’s definitely too old for the character by now (besides he’s busy with Rambo 5).

The original Judge Dredd movie was already cheesy even in 1995 but this news makes my day: I did like the movie at the time!

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  1. Critter

    Its about time. With them having remade Fantastic Four (twice). Its time for Judge Dredd to get a second breath.

  2. cat

    Having been a Judge Dredd fan since the 70’s i did enjoy the last movie with stallone however there were a couple of aspects to the movie that didnt work for me .Mainly because of they revealed JD’s face that should definitely not occur in the next movie. Also the fact that that the feel of the movie was far to hollywood esque. Given that Mega city artistry is the originator for many movies i think far more respect is due here . The next movie should completely ignore the original.

    In terms of music throughout the movie it should be a mix of vangelis, jean michelle jarre and heavy metal. JD and the movie should have a far more gritty feel .

    The next movie should encompass the sheer enormity that is mega city one ie; tower blocks that are ‘miles’ high and layers of underground cities. There should be tasters of what goes onin the cursed earth and other cities throughout the world . Also this should be a space mission ..If they did a Chief Judge Caligula movie that would be amazing just as an example.But the trick here is to make it realistic and not too cartoony simply because the comic goes beyond a cartoon.

    • Marty T

      Prog 8 Dredd is forced to remove his helmet and no actor is not going to show his face especially the lead come on dude

  3. Jon Roberson

    I really like the 1995 version of Judge Dredd with Stallone even though I always thought it could have been better. I always said I wanted to very much see a second part to the movie. This time use music from the super nintendo video game which really had some cool music. In my opinion Stallone really played the Judge Dredd role, but who could they get in his place? I very seldom go to the movies. So far the only movie I’ve seen at the movies is the 2009 Star Trek movie , which I truly enjoyed. Whether there is a remake or second part to this Judge Dredd movie. I will definitely have to go to the movies to see this the first day it comes!

  4. Ruaidhri

    Judge Dredd’s in his 60’s at the moment in the comics so how could Stallone be too old.

  5. Jon Roberson

    I agree Ruaidhri, Stallone should be used in this next Dredd movie. No one can do the Judge Dredd walk with the limp and slurr, “I AM THE LAW” like Stallone!

  6. Cat

    Obviously none of you know what ur talking about super nintendo music indeed and Stallone should not play it again. The only person that could truly do JD is Clint Eastwood. or Hugh Jackman.

    I actually did enjoy the JD movie because i can switch off and be entertained for entertainments sake..i think it was a brave attempt and Sylvester Stallone wasn’t far off the mark for jds character but he was missing two crucial elements 1)JD is very tall 2) he is very intelligent and 3) the helmet is never removed only when he is undercover .
    Please if you cant remember Judge Caligula get off this site and go back to your half pulled down trousers and stupid unrebellious spiky hairdos

  7. SPACED2020

    Cat, your idea for Clint Eastwood is inspired! Especially given his Dirty Harry past, age and looks. Makes utter sense.

    This for me is one of the few films recent films that should be remade. While it was a campy but entertaining waste of time, Hollywood did seem to completely miss the point. I’m looking forward to something alot darker, interesting and Bladerunner-esque.

  8. Jon Roberson

    Clint Eastwood?

  9. Patfat

    Mickey Rourke is a more likely possibility. Especially with his popularity after Ironman 2. The original bombed, and how can you take Stalone seriously? I mean Rob Schneider? Really? I don’t know anything about the comic, but I can tell you that Stalone Spandex and Schneider do not make a good mix. A total revamp would be necessary with a good director that understands the campyness without becoming cheesy. Think of what The Dark Night script would have been if not in Nolan’s hands.

  10. Wolf

    Dredd was based on clint eastwood to begin with,but its a shame hes retired from acting now,only actor i think would work now is jason statham,good voice for dredd and would probably keep the helmet on throughout the film,unlike stallone who wanted people to see his face.one thing we definatly need is proper lawmasters not the stupid hover bikes from the first film,Dark knight has proved big tires on bikes work,which the production team from the first dredd movie said they didnt.

  11. dale

    What was a major mistake with the stallone movie was that all the good character names were used up in 1 go. Griffin, Silver McGruder and Fargo (for petes sake) all out of context and time. I think if you want a really good Judge Dredd series, they should get Gerry Anderson involved and do it like New Captain Scarlet (similar to Starship Troopers). Look at the tech stuf and vehicles in them, just straight out of Mega City Motors, especially the Rhino response unit as a Judge Patrol wagon or H wagon. Then you could really do ‘The Cursed Earth’, ‘the day the law died’ or ‘block war’ leading to ‘Sov Blok war’ “Judge Death’. But maybe that sort of production would be best served for a ‘Rogue Trooper Movie or series

  12. Tom Mcguirk

    judge dredd remake…true,its a case of the original could be improved on…armaund assante wasnt a bad rico..would have been interesting casting to have had him playing dredd…as for casting now,its a shame eastwood is retired…true,in grand torino he still looks tough,and kicks ass…gerald butler?? jason statham? maybe…and no comic relief…fergie in the stallone movie was a pain..and trying to shove the angel gang,fargo,hammerstien etc all in one movie was a big mistake..
    i know to get funding back then,they needed a name,and stallone was sill box office then…..with advances in CGI mega city one would be no bother to render…
    my ideas for casting

    Dredd …Eric Bana or Michael Fassbinder
    Caligula…Leonardo Di Caprio or Kiefer Sutherland

    if animated,the starship troopers approach wouldnt be bad…

  13. BasilK

    I’ve been a Jude Dredd fan for a long time (and I was born when the movie was made!) Just found out that a remake is gonna be made, SHWEET!

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