Kaleidoscope Movie Trailer

Kaleidoscope Movie - Toby jonesYou may watch below the first official trailer of Kaleidoscope, the upcoming psychological thriller movie written and directed by Rupert Jones and starring Toby Jones, Anne Reid, Sinead Matthews, Manjinder Virk, Karl Johnson, Deborah Findlay, Frederick Schmidt, and Cecilia Noble:

Plot synopsis:
“Middle-aged Carl (Toby Jones), recently released from prison, is trying to adjust to life on the outside. His bleak life is challenged by the arrival of his controlling mother (Anne Reid) just as he embarks on his first date in 15 years.”

Is his mother really around or is having hallucinations all along? Anyway, am hooked, I totally want to see how the whole thing will turn out! And you?

No official release date yet.

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