Kaleidoscope Movie

Take a look to this poster of Kaleidoscope, the upcoming thriller movie written and directed by
Rupert Jones and starring Toby Jones, Anne Reid, Sinead Matthews, Manjinder Virk, Karl Johnson, Deborah Findlay, Frederick Schmidt, and Cecilia Noble:

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Plot synopsis:
“A year after being released from prison, middle-aged CARL WOODS (Toby Jones) has done well to carve out a life for himself in the outside world. Having procured some work and a flat, he now embarks on his first date in fifteen years. The event coincides with his estranged mother’s reappearance in his life, and her subsequent attempts to mend the differences that so violently drove them apart many years before. As Carl tries to withstand the insidious influences of his past, so he finds himself increasingly drawn in to the dark imaginings of his own psychological vortex.”

There are also a few pictures from the film:

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KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope Film Written Directed By Rupert Jones Starring Toby

Any fan of Toby Jones out there? Are you impatient to see the film?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Kaleidoscope.

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