Karate Kid Music Video

Karate Kid Song - Karate Kid MusicWe’ve got our hands on the music video of the Karate Kid:

Karate Kid Movie Song

KARATE KID Music Video
‘Never Say Never’ by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith

What do you think of the theme song of Karate Kid? Is it a let down or a hit?

3 Responses - “Karate Kid Music Video”

  1. dragon

    I like the lyrics and Jayden’s bit ( i rekon hes gonna be alot like his dad – singing and acting). But im not a Justin Bieber fan in the first place, so im not to fussed on his part. But the meaning of the lyrics is good, goes great with what i hope the film will be like

  2. xino

    pretty good! nice chorus too.

    young girls will go mad on this O_o

  3. kaysha

    love this song