Karate Kid Title Explained

The upcoming Karate Kid movie is about Kung Fu, but the marketing team was hell bent on using the title Karate Kid. So we were a bit confused, but the latest trailer of Karate Kid gives an explanation:

Karate Kid Trailer

Little Chinese bullies call Jaden Smith Karate Kid, hence the movie title…

3 Responses - “Karate Kid Title Explained”

  1. xino

    the trailer still didn’t explain sh*:/

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Watch again: around 0:17, one of the bullies calls Jaden Smith Karate Kid.

  3. thaMC

    Either way, the title’s unnecessary and just seems like an exploitation of the original franchise. Not to say that the movie doesn’t look good, because it does. I just don’t understand the way they do things.