Kick-Ass 3 Movie

Kick-Ass 2 hasn’t been released yet, but we all know that the studios won’t wait long before developing yet a new sequel. Yep, I guess we may consider that a Kick-Ass 3 movie is already planned. And it’s not like they would have to write a script from scratch: Comic Book artist Mark Millar has indeed been working on a new chapter of Kick-Ass that will be published in June 2013.

Here’s the plot of Kick-Ass 3 the comic book:

“Hit-Girl is in jail, leaving Kick-Ass to lead the superhero team of Justice Forever. Their first mission: Bust Hit-Girl out of the clink. But superheroes have now been outlawed, leaving Kick-Ass to dodge both cops AND criminals. For the first time since donning the costume, Kick-Ass is beginning to have his doubts. Is he now in too deep to get out?”

And a first official look thanks to Comic Book Resources:

(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

Mark Millar said Kick-Ass 3 would close the story ark. Let’s hope that neither Kick-Ass nor Hit-Girl will die…

Hopefully Kick-Ass 3 will start production soon!

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Kick-Ass 3!

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