Kingsman 2 Movie – The sequel to Kingsman The Secret Service

There’s a sequel to Kingsman The Secret Service ahead of us! Yep, get ready for Kingsman 2. Actor Taron Egerton will of course reprise his role as Gary Unwin aka Egsy. Shooting should start in April 2016.

Plot synopsis:
“The sequel will follow Eggsy’s transition into the modern-day gentleman spy.”

Director Matthew Vaughn (who helmed the first film) has been working on the script of the sequel and he revealed that Kingsman 2 is likely to introduce an American covert agent.

The release date of the movie Kingsman 2 is set to June 16, 2017.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of Kingsman 2? Share your thoughts below!

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about Kingsman 2!

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