Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie

Jeffrey Katzenberg who is animation chief at Dreamworks previously said that quite a few more Kung Fu Panda movies were being planned by the animation studio:

“Kung Fu Panda actually has 6 chapters to it, and we’ve mapped that out over the years”

DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg

So it comes a no surprise that the end of Kung Fu Panda 2 was left wide open for a potential new sequel: at the very end of Kung Fu Panda 2, after the news of Po’s victory over the crazy Lord Shen has spread in China, we see that Po’s real father and a few other pandas actually survived to the attack on their village and have been living in hiding for years in some remote place. We’ll also see that Po’s real father is all excited to learn that his son Po is still alive, and that he has become a hero with that.

Kung Fu Panda 3 MovieThat’s why I bet that Kung Fu Panda 3 will involve a family reunion (my own speculation here): Po and the Furious Five will embark in a new journey either to go visit his real father or to save his father’s new village from some new threat. But maybe you have a better suggestion regarding the plot of Kung Fu Panda 3? Well share with us, if lucky your idea could be picked up by Dreamworks if they were to drop by.

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more information about Kung Fu panda 3 as details emerge.

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  1. Char

    6 chapters? That’s awesome! :)

  2. juliuschio

    wow this is very cool


    wow!!!!…. that’s amazing but are you sure ??!!!! because iam a big fan of kung fu panda. & i don’t want to be upset if this is not really true :'(

  4. Ophelia

    Well I’m not so sure for myself if you want to accept what I mostly had in mind(since I happen to be a huge Lord Shen fan XD and my gallery from the Deviantart website proves it). It’s just from my point of view. Well we all know for sure that Po’s biological father is alive, thus making the ending of the 2nd movie a cliffhanger, and obviously they’ll meet each other. So… maybe a little few add-ons here..
    Firstly, I think Mei Ling(Crane’s past friend) is an interesting character. Why not, when they are embarking on a journey to find Po’s father, let her join in with Po& the Furious Five? It might be her time to shine and add some spotlight to her part besides only being shown from Crane’s story at “The Secret of the Furious Five.”. Who knows. She might have some really cool characteristics& awesome fighting styles and a deeper relationship with Crane(since I kinda like them as a pair& I would often ship-tease them, they’re both sweet for each other.)
    Now secondly, for the most promising villain to hit Dreamworks and had more fans than Tai Lung, the albino peacock, Lord Shen.
    What IF Lord Shen makes a comeback? What if the cannon didn’t kill him for good? Possibilities here are because there MIGHT be some slight chance that he survived from the cannon falling on top of him, I mean look at this point, he even survived the cannonball deflected back at him, he’s one tough guy for me. MAYBE, he could have just sunk deeper into the water and drifted off to someplace unknown like what happened to Po when he got hit by the cannonball. If Dreamworks does make him come back, it’s either he remains evil and seeks out vengeance against Po(where he might follow Po when they’re going to his father’s home and try to fight off and finish the rest of the pandas) OR turn over a new leaf where he turns good, attained inner peace& tries to convince everyone that he has changed(which will make it hard for his part since he has done so many harm to everyone).
    Sorry for the long comment on Lord Shen’s part. I’m really just a huge fan of him and I think letting him show in one movie isn’t worth though. He’s a very remarkable villain that caught everyone’s attention. Even the kids here in my country love him. He’s even hard to ignore if you ask me, plus from when I read his story from the Kung Fu Panda Wiki, it really touched me so much that he only did those things just to let his parents appreciate him at least but to no avail, being abandoned to the Soothsayer’s care.
    It would be nice if Dreamworks give him a little bit more credit besides only showing how he fights, his violent and insane side in 2. As what I said earlier, I truly am a huge Lord Shen fan, mind you. XD
    But I’ll just let Dreamworks think what they had in store for 3 though I don’t know where both Mei Ling& Lord Shen will pop up if possible. Even Soothsayer& Wolf Boss(if he’s alive from being struck down that is..) needs a bit more credit besides only being 3D characters in 2. Those guys are lovable characters too! Everyone loves them so much. <3
    Thanks for letting me share this thought and sorry for the long comment again. ^_^;;

  5. SinisterEternity

    Six chapters ? Now that’s awesome !

    But in my opinion, we need a certain character to make a come back in some of them, if not the third.
    Please, do not kill the magnificient villain, Lord Shen.
    He doesn’t deserve it !
    Please, make it that he survived the fall of the cannon at the end ; Please, make it that he finally heard what Po said, that he realised that the Soothsayer loved him ; Please, make it that Lord Shen decides to become a good character…Just please !

    Don’t kill that character just like that ! I think he needed more than the appearance he did in Kung Fu Panda 2.
    Honestly, throughout the whole movie I was hoping, as Shi Fu and Po mentionned Inner Peace a lot of times, that Lord Shen would find it as well. My hopes got shattered when I saw the last scene, but, there still remains some that Shen might still be alive, on your willing, but I am writting here on something thousands of fans won’t express because maybe they don’t feel like they are allowed to.

    Please save Lord Shen ! If you do not make him appear in Movie 3, at least tell us he is not dead…You may want to know that you created such an awesome character, that death wasn’t what he deserved. He is a very deep, touching, interesting, complicated, tortured character. His theme song was awesome, and Shen is even being considered the best villain out there ! It makes us quite sad and desperate to think he is dead…We do not want to believe it !
    Please, tell us he is alive, tell us he will turn over a new leaf, and is now living with the Soothsayer…
    That firework at the end that looked like a peacock head, please make it a sign that Shen isn’t dead..

    Please do it that Lord Shen wasn’t killed for good !

  6. archie19

    Well there’s no guess for Kung Fu Panda 3 seeing the last part of the movie about Po’s parents being alive in some remote village but 6 its awesome and its gonna be a challenge for Dreamworks of creating 4 more sequel,by lets just say that the 6 and final sequel would be full of awesomeness.
    Creating the story plot for part 3 maybe it could be like this: as Po still the Legendary Dragon Warrior w/ the Furious Five there battle would continue against new enemies defending China.That they would have this mission,and tougher enemies that they will be defeated and will make there retreat they would lost Po,that they would’nt know where Po is.And Po will be badly injured that he would have his memory lost,amnesia thing.And will be found by his kind,Panda’s where he will be cured and will be ending finding his parents,saving them this time.

  7. paromit chatterjee

    I think of the 3rd part to be a bit of different. In the ship before reaching the city of lord Shen, the tigress was going to reply that she had feelings too,and I think she was there trying to tell her story to PO while the other dragon warriors came and interfered. So I think that the next sequel should have a background history of the tigress along with the family reunion of Po.

    I mean something like that — Po came to know somehow that his father is still alive & the 5 dragon warrior goes to meet them and do meets them, but their village is attacked by a person who is also a character of tigresses past as a negative role and where lord Shen also returns as the Dragon warriors friend to save them with his furious appearance.
    Wouldn’t that be nice?? I think that will be a breaking story in the Panda series. I personally think it will be a big success.

  8. Kzer

    Well, I’m no expert here but I have some ideas in mind. Firstly, let’s not bring Lord Shen back (I’m not saying that he died after the cannon weapon fell on him but maybe have a cameo appearance in the end of the third KFP movie?) because I think it’s best we start something fresh. Secondly, I would suggest that there is a myth about the greatest kung fu fighter in China is a dragon. Now, how would I connect the two ideas? Somewhere near in the end of the third movie, Lord Shen is shown still alive, in a dark cave and he is going to awake the dragon. Lastly, that’s it! The rest of the work is up to you.

  9. AJ90

    I think they need a new start in KFP3, Also i’ve read a lot of poles on websites, and a bunch of people love tigress (personally she is my favorite) maybe they should add in a little more of her. also make po and tigress’s relationship to be just friends, cause seriously this is a fighting movie… not romance like all of the other crap out there…

  10. Clint

    1. Super excited about the possibility of a Kung-fu Panda 3.
    2. The goose is his real father.

  11. Magex

    I agree Shen was a totally awesome villian, but I don’t know if he’ll return or not. Obviously by the way 2 ended, 3 -has- to involve Po and his father.

    What I would like to see is more action and character development involving the other members of the Furious Five. Monkey and Crane hardly ever have any lines. And I’d love to know about how they became the Furious Five, their back stories, more about them. Tigress gets cut off in movie 2 when Po says (something along the lines of) she’s hard core and she wouldn’t understand his family angst. She starts “Actually, I…” and gets cut off–I so want to know what she was going to say should she finish that statement. And all the Furious Five, how’d they come to that dojo, what are their families like, the overall dynamics between them before Po…

    I am sure there will be fresh surprises and things we wouldn’t even think of; new characters and new plots–but I hope the old characters get to shine.

  12. animal

    i think it would be cool if tigress’s family had an aperance or like a lost brother or something. hey po cant be the only one meeting his real family can he?

  13. Dragon Warrior Master

    If Kung Fu Panda 4 is simultaneously being produced alongside Kung Fu Panda 3, then these two films should provide a background for the last two films (Kung Fu Panda 5 and 6).

    I don’t know about Kung Fu Panda 3, but I think it will be awesome if a war will emerge between Lord Shen and the Masters’ Council by Kung Fu Panda 6, and every kung fu master and student alike will gather at the Valley of Peace united for one last stand to preserve kung fu.

    But I will leave it up to DreamWorks to develop Kung Fu Panda 3, but please DreamWorks, please consider my idea for Kung Fu Panda 6.

  14. Secury

    I really hope that DreamWorks bring back the best villain ever they have created, Lord Shen. He is so awesome, charismatic character and I think he deserves to be in Kung fu panda 3 or another kung fu panda movies as the main villain again. As for his fate, to be defated not mean to be killed so I think he could survive the explosion. It could be just luck (for the villains it is not uncommon), he could have some armor under his clothes, which saved him or at last moment he changed his mind and jumped into the water. Then he tries to take revenge to Po and Furious Five. Or tell us that he is not dead.

    Please does not let Lord Shen to dies.

    Also would be nice if it survive too Wolf Boss. The blase could stop some of the amulet under his clothes or something like that.