Kung Fu Panda 3 Release Date

Dreamworks Animation announced that Kung Fu Panda 3 will be released in theaters on December 23, 2015. Director Jennifer Yuh who helmed the second installment is back for the sequel.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Trailer

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie

Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, James Hong, Michelle Yeoh and Danny McBride will once again lend their voices. And joining the voice cast: Bryan Cranston, Mads Mikkelsen, and Rebel Wilson.

There is no official plot synopsis yet but the film will likely reunite the panda Po and his biological parents since we learned that they’re still alive at the end of the second film.

Are you impatient to see Kung Fu Panda 3? Do you think Po will get to meet a cute female panda along the way? Or will Po somehow mate with that furious tigress? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Abdullah

    I am waiting for you panda ‘THE KUNG FU PANDA’

    • Jad

      I know that he is going to find a cute panda!

      • Auto

        @Jad: Ya think he will find a cute panda? Lol if I look back at the second movie, and under the category of love interest; I doubt that.
        I am 99.9% sure the 3rd movie will show us where white tigers come from ;)

  2. Alan

    [Po]: Oh, hi monkey. Where have you been – and what’s with the gold ring on your head?

    [Monkey]: Long story

    [Po]: Ok – some other time, then?

  3. kushal

    I am waiting..;)

  4. rajendra

    I am impatient to see kung fu panda 3 and by the way WHAT! po somehow mating tigress.that can’t happen because they are both different animals.

    • anubis_sister

      It’s a movie. Anything can happen in a movie.

    • czar

      Well actually, since alot of these movies have messages in the movies I can actually see how tigress and po hooking up can have a positive message. It’ll show kids that just because they are different races. They can still be together, hence a tiger and a panda bear.

    • John

      True. They are both different animals, but in Madagascar 2 a hippo and a giraffe hooked up, and I would really like to see a black and white tiger, or an impossibility such as a orange and black panda. And by the way, more than likely they would be mates because I can tell how the writers are inputing that they will end up together. Tigress has grown softer in the second movie than the first. And at the end of the second movie, you can tell she has feelings for Po, she felt really, really awkward when Po hugged her. And the romance music they play in the background, man, that’s just amazing.

    • Auto

      @Rajendra: Ya kidding?
      Haha I see people already pointed out the giraffe and hippo pairing. But what about a dragon and a donkey from Shrek?
      I hope Po and Tigress get together. But so far, I say by looking at all the other couples Pixar has made; a panda and a tiger actually seem to be the most realistic lol

  5. the black mamba

    Cant hardly wait and coincidentally i will be having exams when it comes out and then ill be graduating from college.

  6. John

    What would I like Kung Fu Panda 3 to be about?

    Humor: Keep Jack Blacks humor as is was in 1 and 2. Jack Black was born for this role. His naturally knee jerk comments and humor makes me laugh. The animators really get the facial expressions and body language down to suit the actor’s own sense of humor. I like the slow-motion portions where Po makes funny faces, or even when Ty Lung had Po sit on his face when they were careening down the stairs. I never laughed so hard in a long time.

    The furious 5: Keep their roles the same (supporting cast only). Do not let them (especially Tigress) become become major characters. I like the mysteriousness of Tigress and that is a good thing because it allows the viewer to have their own unique perception of a character if you don’t “tell all”. I like the way they support Po with their funny comments and facial expressions (mouths dropping open when Po hugs Tigress) when Po screws up or does something noble. The scene when Po served the soup and someone said, “I wish my mouth were bigger” made me laugh.

    Please do not make this into a mushy, long, drawn out romantic thing about Po falling in love. We have enough of those things. Kids like color, action and humor. My son gets turned off if there are more than a few minutes of animation with boring adult talking and no action.

    There needs to be an enemy.

    Something needs to be threatened.

    Po needs to step it up to the next level, and I think it needs to be something beyond Master Shi Fuh’s abilities. There needs to be something at the beginning that Po will need to overcome this enemy, and the movie needs to be about how he achieves it at the end in order to engage it and defeat he enemy.

    Reunite him with his father.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

    • rin

      Did you notice the hammer po’s biological father was holding at the end of the second movie? There gotta be more history to it than that. po probably inherited his fathers kung fu abilities. Im pretty sure its coming out in 2014 and its highly anticipated. I cant wait! ^.^

  7. Selene

    I like the way John thinks. He has a good plot to the story. And I don’t think Po should mate with Tigress. It wouldn’t work out. There should be another girl panda or a boy tiger who comes in. It would add some drama to the movie.

  8. Betty

    Yes I agree because that would be weird and not normal but more action than drama and romantic stuff

  9. Manish Sharma

    I’m waiting For Kung Fu Panda 3!

  10. Ford

    I love the romance and action my little sis and I are dying to see kung Fu panda3 I do think that Po should find a girl and tigress should get jealous and make a dramatic fight between Po and Tigress or between Tigress and the girl but the girl is working with some kind of enemy or at least something like this. Well in any kind of way this movie is going to be Bodatiously Awesome!!! lol :D

  11. Alena

    I’m super excited for Kung Fu Panda 3!! However, please don’t make it romantic ! That is a very bad idea. Po and Tigress? That is even worse! Don’t do that, please. Kung Fu Panda is suppose to be a kids movie filled with humor and action. Not a love story…. Other then that, excited!!

  12. Alena

    Although maybe a boy tiger for Tigress…?

  13. ali

    I agree Alena .if it’s gonna be romantic like that ,it will lose its fun .

  14. JJ

    OMG!!!!Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ang

    I hope there is a funny scene that like the scene in the first movie when po pretends to be master shifu

  16. Ngeema Wangdus

    i am longing to watch part 3 coz i love PO’s acting very much

  17. Ssizzle

    What if tigress fell in love with the evil tiger from the first movie??

    • Rebecca

      Um pretty sure that was a snow leopard, pretty sure Tigress and Tai Lung hate each other, and pretty sure Po killed him :l

  18. Juan

    I want to know if Po will ever get to meet his real dad?

  19. Jordin

    Alright if Po and tigress tried to got married they would probably have some weird mutant baby. I do wish they did have a weird mutant baby and It got rabies because like Master Shifu bit it or something.

  20. condurachi

    I love this movie and I want to don’t finish and I want to see it nowwwww I can’t wait xD

  21. john

    it was the best animation movie i”ve ever seen this far…….im so excited

  22. Chasity

    I cant wait but it would be cool if the added a girl panda and then Tigress gets jealous and a fight starts between the girl and Tigress and drama breaks out and the girl was secretly working for the enemy that would be total cool because considering how Tigress acted in the second movie its obvious that she has feelings for Po and that she just doesn’t show them so I can kinda see Po and Tigress together but however the movie plays out it should still be totally cool

  23. Ronny

    wel i think Tigress & po wil be super together and i think the movie wil be fun to to see 2 different couple’s

  24. Alan

    I would love if they put tigress and po together, they are just the perfect match but I do think that in KFP 3 when po goes back with his dad mimi the girl panda is his bride to be that his dad sets up and then tigress finds out and it just breaks out in drama and po would like to call it off but he doesn’t want to disappoint his dad even though he is in love with tigress. To me this would be awesome but that’s just me. Also can’t wait till the movie TiPo for life XD!!!!!

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