Lady Gaga Machete 2

Lady Gaga is joining the cast of Machete 2 aka Machete Kills, the sequel to Machete! Don’t believe me? Check out this official character poster then:

Machete 2 Film Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

The extent of her role hasn’t been revealed though, maybe it’s just for a cameo. Anyway, what do you think of Lady Gaga as La ChamelĂ©on? Even more Gaga than usual, nope?

2 Responses - “Lady Gaga Machete 2”

  1. Rain Motley

    Lady Gaga will be AMAZING as always <3

  2. lauri90

    Gaga is a very smart and talented … already chose his institute the protagonist in plays, and worked good in his high school choir, singing and playing the piano. I have enough desire to see it, to see how good it is :D