Last Airbender In 2010

Avatar Last Airbender MovieDirector M. Night Shyamalan has decided to tackle the cinema adaptation of the animated TV show Avatar the Last Airbender. The movie will just be titled Last Airbender to avoid further litigation with James Cameron’s Avatar.

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Last Airbender Movie In 2010

Director Shyamalan can thank his daughter who gave him the idea to make the Last Airbender. He is likely to make an unforgettable trilogy that will be cult.

2 Responses - “Last Airbender In 2010”

  1. Jack

    I don’t mind if they make some changes just so it won’t appeal to only kids, it has to be as high as it can go for PG without going to PG13 just so smaller kids parents will allow them to watch, I also hope that the CGI wont get #$&*ed up, the CGI for all the bending will be in a way that they can only do really good with it, or be terrible, especially with water, that will be the hardest of them all.

  2. Jenny

    The film is ok but could have been better. The dialogues lack something but the special effects are quite good and the story was told in a good way. All in all, not what I expected but not too bad either. Can’t wait for the sequel! Hope they make it soon.