Leaves of Grass Movie

Take a look to those new pictures of the movie Leaves of Grass, an upcoming comedy thriller film directed by and starring Edward Norton who plays twin brothers:

Leaves of Grass Pictures

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Leaves of Grass MovieEdward Norton leaves of Grass
“Bill Kincaid, an Ivy League classics professor, returns to rural Oklahoma to bury his dangerously brilliant identical twin brother who had remained in their native state to grow hydroponic pot. Leaves of Grass is a fast-paced comic film that contrasts two distinct approaches to life. Featuring Edward Norton in the role of each twin.”

Edward Norton said about his dual role in the movie Leaves of Grass:

“The challenge of playing twins for an actor is very special, and I was very flattered that Tim sent ‘Leaves of Grass’ to me.”

Eward Norton

Edward Norton is the perfect for such dual roles (just think about Fight Club or Hulk). So no wonder that Director Tim Blake Nelson hired him for the lead role in Leaves of Grass!

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