Legion Movie Trailer

Legion movieThe red-band comic-con movie trailer of Legion, the upcoming fantasy movie directed by Scott Stewart and starring Paul Bettany, has shown up online:

Legion Red Band Trailer

Legion Trailer

I dig this mix of sci-fi and religion and creepiness! Paul Bettany makes such a badass Angel! The movie Legion is gonna be explosive!

5 Responses - “Legion Movie Trailer”

  1. J Smith

    Wicked!! Creepy but wicked. It’s “The Prophecy” but very sci-fi/action-packed. Can’t wait.

  2. xino

    A Spawn 2 movie would have fit perfectly for this kind of movie:/

    Spunk 2:(

  3. Charles

    This movie is pure fantasy, straight from father of lies; foolishness even among fools. You cannot stand against the One True God. Read the book of Revelation for a glimpse of what’s really coming.

    If a movie could prove ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,’ this one surely does. Repent! Turn and be saved!

  4. robin

    hey there’s no way Hollywood would produce a movie according to the Bible. They would have to change to sell tickets. Otherwise it would end up being a movie straight to DVD like most of the other christian movies. It’s sad but true. It’s better that at least something like this is out there about God other than nothing. Like twilight which glorifies demons or harry potter supporting witchcraft and wizardry. Satanism is on the rise they see it as being cool. So let the angels and God look cool it’s better than nothing. It’s better that they accept God that way other than not believing in him at all. It’s sad but it’s better than nothing.

  5. Eyeopener

    I agree with you Robin. At first I didn’t think of it like that, but when you put that way, you are absolutely right. God doesn’t care how you know or find out about him, so long as you do. That’s why there would ever be an excuse. You will never ever be able say you never knew who God was.