Lesbian Vampire Killers Movie Trailer

Lesbian Vampire Killers New PosterI’m sure you were yearning for a movie trailer of Lesbian vampire Killers since you’ve heard the title of this movie and seen the gorgeous Lesbian Vampire Killers movie poster. And yeap, your wish comes true before the new year!

Here below the first official movie trailer of Lesbian Vampire Killers:


In 2009 one film has it all!

Killers! Vampires!! Lesbians!!!

And the name of this incredible movie?

Get stuck in!

Like you can guess from this Lesbian Vampire Killers teaser trailer, the film is an explosive mix of action, comedy, and horror. Brittish Director Phil Claydon is bringing a damn appealing movie! And the lead actors, James Corden and Mathew Horne, fit the job of funny dudes quite well!

I really hope that the Lesbian Vampire Killers movie will hit USA’s shore soon: even thinking about booking flight to London to see the premiere of the Lesbian Vampire Killers! Yeap, I’m over-enthusiast about this movie!

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