Letters to God Clip

Letters to God MovieYou may watch below a series of preview clips of Letters to God, an upcoming drama movie directed by David Nixon:

Letters to God – Gift basket
Brady (Jeffrey Johnson) drops off some letters to God at the local church.

Letters to God – What Jesus would do
Tyler (Tanner Maguire) wonders what Jesus would do.
“Inspired by a true story. A young boy fighting cancer writes letters to God, touching lives in his neighborhood and community and inspiring hope among everyone he comes in contact. An unsuspecting substitute postman, with a troubled life of his own, becomes entangled in the boy’s journey and his family by reading the letters. They inspire him to seek a better life for himself and his own son he’s lost through his alcohol addiction.”

Letters to God is a Christian movie that for once doesn’t shy away from real issues and that doesn’t hide the story behind a thick Bible!

More clips of Letters to God below:

Letters to God – Superwoman
Maddy (Robyn Lively) wrecks the roast

Letters to God – Jealous
Tyler (Tanner Maguire) has a conversaton with his grandfather.

Letters to God – I Love you
Tyler (Tanner Maguire) and his mom have an early morning talk.

Letters to God – Kids
Brady (Jeffrey Johnson) and Tyler (Tanner Maguire) kick the soccer ball around.

Letters to God – Mom is coming
Tyler (Tanner Maquire) gets a visit from Sam (Bailee Madison).

Letters to God – Texting
Tyler (Tanner Maguire) and Ben (Michael Bolten) hang out on the roof.

Letters to God – Feel closer to God
Brady (Jeffrey Johnson) and Maddy (Robyn Lively) hang out on the roof.

I can but Director David Nixon and his movie Letters to God!

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