Liam Neeson as Zeus in Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans MovieThe first pictures of Liam Neeson as Zeus on the set of Clash of the Titans have surfaced online! An we also have the hi-res pictures that premiered in Empire yesterday. Take a look below:

Clash of the Titans Trailer

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Liam Neeson looks better without that beard… But Zeus is indeed traditionally depicted as a middle-age man with a beard. Director Louis Leterrier probably wants to show some respect to the original myths. But don’t worry, Louis Leterrier’s take on those myths will be definitely modern, and I guess, with a hell of action!

One Response - “Liam Neeson as Zeus in Clash of the Titans”

  1. Gautam Agnim

    i was hoping he would have white beard like the god of war series, that would be sick. The God of War version of Zeus was amazingly effective god like character