Lost Symbol Movie

Columbia pictures has hired Scriptwriter Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things) to pen the screenplay of the Lost Symbol adaptation, the third movie in the Da Vinci Code movie series. The film will be based on Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol in which Robert Langdon, who’s in Whashington, D.C, get involved in a story linked to Freemasonry. Tom Hanks will reprise his role as Robert Langdon and Ron Howard is quite likely to be back to as director of the Lost Symbol.

Lost Symbol Trailer

The official release date of the Lost Symbol hasn’t been announced yet, but we heard that Colombia Pictures is scheduling a 2012 release.

The Lost Symbol MoviePlot:
“In The Lost Symbol, Robert Langdon (tom Hanks) goes to Washington to give a lecture at the request of his old mentor, Peter Solomon. When he arrives at the US Capitol for his lecture, he instead finds Peter’s severed hand mounted on a wooden base, fingers pointing skyward to the Rotunda ceiling fresco of George Washington ascending to heaven. This is the first in a line of clues where Langdon must decode the symbols of the Freemasons in order to stop a villain known as Mal’akh, a steroid-swollen, fantastically tattooed madman, who wants to locate a portal to the wisdom known as the Ancient Mysteries so he can then rule the world.”

The story of the Lost Symbol kind of sounds like the plot of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes… But I guess there will be more mystery in the Lost Symbol, after all, the film is based on a book by Dan brown, the Da Vinci Code’s author.

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