Louder Than Words Movie Trailer

A new trailer of louder than Words, the upcoming drama movie directed by Anthony Fabian and starring David Duchovny (yep, Mulder from the X-Files!):


What would you do if the happy life you’ve built came tumbling down?

Based on the extraordinary true story of one man’s inspiration to bring families together.

They said it couldn’t be done but they fought harder in they daughter’s name!

“A husband and wife (David Duchovny, Hope Davis) try to put their family back together after the death of their youngest daughter. With the help of the community, they build a state of the art children’s hospital to honor her memory. A hospital where families are welcomed into the healing process!”

That trailer was a bit boring (and it gives away the whole story)… Let’s hope the film will be a bit more captivating…

The release date of Louder than Words is set to August 1, 2014.

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