M.F.A. Movie starring Francesca Eastwood

There’s a first official poster for M.F.A., the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Natalia Leite and starring Francesca Eastwood (yep, Clint Eastwood’s daughter), take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

MFA Movie Poster

Mastering the art of revenge.

Plot synopsis:
“The film, from a female director and a female screenwriter, takes on the searing current issue of sexual violence on campus.
Noelle (Francesca Eastwood), an art student, is attacked by a university colleague. Soon afterwards, she confronts her rapist, accidentally killing him. The young woman tries to recover certain normality in her life, but when she discovers that there are many more victims of abuse on campus who don’t dare raise their voices, she decides to take justice into her own hands. So vengeance becomes her muse.”

Glad she managed to kill that bastard… and I praise her for her for hunting the others!

Anyway, we’ve also got our hands on a few new pictures from the film:

(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

Besides Francesca Eastwood, the cast also includes Clifton Collins Jr, Leah McKendrick, Peter Vack , Marlon Young, David Sullivan, Michael Welch, and Mike C. Manning.

The release date of the movie M.F.A is set to October 13, 2017 (in select theaters).

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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